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12 Days of #BTChristmas, Ep. 2: Billfodl Faraday Bags

I just can’t praise Faraday bags enough. For the little money they cost, they accomplish a physical feat which is very valuable. In most modern smartphones, you can no longer remove the battery to be sure that it’s no longer being tracked.

In the case of credit cards, you can no longer get one which doesn’t spend money without contact. And in the case of bluetooth and infrared devices, there are lots of vulnerabilities which can be exploited from afar.

So for the second video of my #BTChristmas, I’ve decided to once again talk about Billfodl’s Faraday bags. Yes, I know that I’ve reviewed them in the past. But this is for a special Christmas project, so I hope that you’ll forgive me for the holiday repetition.

The Faraday bags are also useful for your Ledger Nano X hardware wallet, which has bluetooth connectivity.

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