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My name is Vlad Costea and I’m a Romanian bitcoiner who loves freedom and sometimes enjoys talking with like-minded individuals.

I’ve previously written articles for Crypto Globe, Crypto Insider, and Bitcoin Magazine. I’ve decided to go independent in February 2020, and since then I’ve mostly written articles and recorded interviews for the Bitcoin Takeover project.

The idea of the Bitcoin Takeover Podcast came to me after the passing of my grandmother Bălașa, on January 11th 2019. I’m forever grateful for the years she spent raising me and teaching me to be a decent human being. She always wanted me to be independent and free, and I hope that through this work I’m making her proud.

Original logo, used for seasons 1, 2 & 3.

I’ve spent about 8 years in academia studying political science, education and philosophy, I underwent PhD studies for 4 years, but dropped out in 2020 to focus more on my Bitcoin work. Though I’ve had the pleasure and privilege to attend some of the best European universities in my field of study, there’s nothing that I appreciate more than freedom. And when my freedom doesn’t extend towards the projects on which I’m working, then sooner or later I will lose interest and move on to something that I love to do.

I also believe that if the teachings of higher education can’t be applied in day to day life in relation with regular folks, then they are not very useful. I’m not a big fan of ivory towers and I try not to self-isolate in intellectual bubbles or ivory towers.

Some may call me a journalist, but I like to think of my work as that of a writer or historian. I like to zoom out and put events into a greater context, I tend to be excessively critical (and this criticism extends to myself and my work), and I prefer the company of individuals who push me to constantly get better.

Season 4 shamelessly brings back retro vibes and puts the Lambo right in the middle of the action.

For these reasons I’ve created the Bitcoin Takeover Podcast, which hosts some of the most brilliant guests one can find in the space. Give the episodes a listen, join the conversation by submitting comments, and feel free to make BTC donations to the extent that you find the content useful. Seasons 1 to 3 have special rules where the guest receives 50% of contributions. Starting with season 4, I’ll try to get sponsors.

If you’re a proponent of Greshman’s law and would rather spend your bad money first, then I’ve created a way for you to dispense your dirty fiat on the Patreon page. Donate as little as $1, it can really make a difference.

I’m also a big fan of The Beatles.

One of my long-term plans is to edit and publish The Bitcoin Takeover Book, a collective effort in which bitcoiners present their thoughts, views, and personal experiences. It’s meant to resemble the depiction of the cypherpunk culture that the late Tim May has made in The Cyphernomicon, except that it’s focused on regular folks who use BTC and talk about their motivations.



Romania, the former Kingdom of Wallachia


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