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On the Bitcoin Takeover podcast you're going to hear the builders and innovators who make the Bitcoin project valuable. It's thanks to their work that the BTC price goes up, and it's their efforts that convince large investors that Bitcoin is the future of money. Here you will find the projects and ideas that will radically improve Bitcoin in the future, presented by the creators and innovators themselves. Time to learn!

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S15 E41: F/Dev (1440000bytes) on Joinstr & Bitcoin Privacy


F/Dev, also known as 1440000bytes or simply "Floppy", is an open source developer best known for his work on Joinstr: a CoinJoin implementation for Electrum wallet. In this episode, he talks about Bitcoin privacy & his new job at LayerTwo Labs.

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S15 E40: Rijndael on Taproot Wizards & BIP420


Rijndael is the CTO of Taproot Wizards – a group of bitcoiners who want to make Bitcoin magical. In this interview, he talks about why OP_CAT matters and what kind of features we should expect to see in Bitcoin once a covenant soft fork gets activated.

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S15 E39: Pete Rizzo on Bitcoin History, Journalism & Culture


Pete Rizzo is a veteran Bitcoin journalist who still remembers the time when Bitcoin & crypto were the same undivided community. In this episode, he talks about why Bitcoin history matters & how he approaches journalism.

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S15 E38: Crypsi on Crypto Art & Cypherpunk Culture


Crypsi is the representative of an art collective which expresses its anti-establishment ideas through physical paintings & collages, as well as digitally tokenized ideas. In this episode, he explains why memes are art & why memecoins matter.

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S15 E37: Marek Narozniak on MimbleWimble & Quantum Computing


Marek Narozniak is a Polish physicist who works on a MimbleWimble implementation that can get added to Bitcoin via extension blocks to become a privacy layer. He also specializes in quantum computing, and busts some FUD about their threat.

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S15 E36: Eli Ben-Sasson on STARKs, Rollups & Privacy


Eli Ben-Sasson is an academic computer scientist whose interest in zero-knowledge proofs has led him to become a co-founder of Zcash. More recently, he became the CEO of StarkWare: a company which aims to scale blockchains with ZK rollups & STARKs.

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S15 E35: Nick Schteringart & Konstantin Wünscher on OpenDelta on Runes


OpenDelta is a synthetic dollar (stablecoin) that's built on top of Bitcoin's newly-launched Runes protocol. In this episode, co-founders Nick Schteringart & Konstantin Wünscher discuss about how and why they built this.

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S15 E34: Charlie Lee on Privacy & MWEB (Mimble Wimble Extension Block)


MWEB was activated on Litecoin's main net in 2022, providing a useful mix of privacy and scalability. It's a fascinating soft fork that's 100% compatible with Bitcoin. In this episode, Charlie Lee explains how MWEB works & why it matters.

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S15 E33: David Bailey on Bitcoin Maximalism & Ordinals


David Bailey is the owner of Bitcoin Magazine. Ideologically, he is a Bitcoin maximalist who wants everything to happen on Bitcoin and get traded for BTC. During this episode, we also mint a special ordinal... which you can buy for 3.125 BTC!

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S15 E32: Aaron Day on CBDCs vs Bitcoin


Aaron Day has been a bitcoiner since 2012 – and in the aftermath of the scaling wars, he decided to support the big block camp due to ideological reasons. Today, Aaron is concerned that adoption might not catch up with the rise of CBDCs.

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