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S8 E6: Lazy Ninja on Hacking Hardware Wallets


Lazy Ninja is a security expert whose claim to fame in the Bitcoin space is hacking the Coldcard and the BitBox02 hardware wallets. In this episode, we talk about the latest trends in BTC security, including multisig, new devices & CoinJoins.

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S8 E5: Zach Herbert on Foundation Devices' Passport


Zach Herbert is the CEO of Foundation Devices – a company that is about to ship the first batch of the Passport, a new user-friendly and Bitcoin-centric hardware wallet. In this interview, Zack talks about the elements that make the Passport unique.

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S8 E4: Lawrence Nahum on Blockstream's Jade


In January 2021, Blockstream took the Bitcoin world by surprise by announcing the Jade hardware wallet – a powerful and inexpensive device. In this episode, Blockstream Chief Architect Lawrence Nahum explains how Jade works and what it aims to accomplish.

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S8 E3: Erik Voorhees on KeepKey, Open Source & Self Custody


In this episode, ShapeShift CEO Erik Voorhees talks about the KeepKey hardware wallet, the power of open source software, and the importance of self-custody. As a Bitcoin veteran, Voorhees also reminiscences about the most popular wallets from the 2010s.

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S8 E2: Charles Guillemet on Ledger


Charles Guillemet is the CTO of Ledger, the market leader in the field of Bitcoin hardware wallets. In this episode we talk about Ledger's philosophy for security, innovation, and how the Ledger Nano X compares to Trezor, BitBox, Coldcard and others.

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S8 E1: Benma on BitBox02


Benma is a software developer and researcher who works on the BitBox02 hardware wallet. In this episode, he talks about the qualities that make the BitBox02 unique, and how the device compares to other competing hardware wallets (Trezor, Ledger, Coldcard)

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S7 Special: Atlas on Life in Columbia


Atlas (@ancapchildren) first rose to Bitcoin prominence after American Hodl started a campaign to turn him into a wholecoiner. Almost a year later, Atlas is still holding onto that bitcoin he received and keeps his strong conviction.

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S7 Special: Giacomo Zucco and Mir on Politics, Music & Films


Giacomo Zucco and Mir are the Bitcoin power couple in its purest and best-intentioned form. You'd think that they wouldn't have much to say outside of Bitcoin, but as soon as you ask them questions they will keep on talking for 2 hours straight!

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S7 E10: Hodlonaut & Katia on Cats, Music & Films


Hodlonaut & Katia are one of Bitcoin's most popular and beloved couples. But when they don't run the Citadel21 operations, they watch 1980s films and enjoy electronic music. In this episode, they talk about their preferences & express their cat-like views

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S7 E9: Koleya Karringten on Combustion Heating Systems


Koleya Karringten is best known in the Bitcoin space for her executive director role in the Canadian Blockchain Consortium. But her main job involves designing combustion heating systems for aviation and construction.

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