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If you've been in Bitcoin for a while and you feel like you've outgrown all the newbie content out there, then Bitcoin Takeover Podcast is here to help you take your knowledge to the next level. Through Bitcoin Takeover, you're going to find out about people who work on some of the most innovative and interesting projects in the space. You'll also hear stories from OGs who talk about Bitcoin in the early days. And while the show won't give you investment advice and will never tell you what to do with your money, you may use it to discover great Bitcoin projects & companies in which you can invest. Hop on the Bitcoin Takeover train, there's still a lot to learn and discover!

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S1 E6: Buzz Lightyear on Protecting Bitcoin


Buzz Lightyear, now established in Portugal. talks about the importance of Bitcoin in our galaxy. From domestic politics and all the way to international affairs, there is quite a lot that this neutral and immutable form of currency can radically change.

If Buzz Lightyear is going to infinity and beyond, then it seems like he will be taking Bitcoin with him.

Long before interviewing the so-called “plebs” was cool, I’ve decided to allow the owner of an anonymous Twitter account to get on the Bitcoin Takeover podcast and talk about his understanding of BTC.

Buzz Lightyear was one of the earliest supporters of my idea to start a podcast, he’s followed my project since day one and was eager to join the first season as a guest. I, on the other hand, have decided that I wouldn’t care too much about reputation, followers, or any metrics that other podcasters use to vet their invitees. Which is why we ended up having such a great conversation.

What makes this episode a must-listen: Buzz Lightyear is a Portuguese bitcoiner who very much enjoys defending the network from people who claim that Bitcoin is a Ponzi (in early 2019, this was still the case in many places). To add up to Mr. Lightyear’s genuine nature, he even bought himself a new microphone just to have decent audio during this interview. He’s this committed to the mission.

The element of surprise: All throughout the interview, Buzz Lightyear stays in character and tries to talk just like an orange-pilled version of the Toy Story astronaut. He goes to infinity and beyond when it comes to opsec and the protection of his identity — but also manages to keep a sense of humor.

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