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S1 E1: Donald McIntyre on Bitcoin, The Teachings of Tim May and Nick Szabo, and the History of Money


Donald McIntyre is a collaborator of Nick Szabo’s, and a man who left behind the world of mainstream finance (he previously worked at UBS Securities and Morgan Stanley) to embrace the cypherpunk ethos. He’s passionate about history of money, cypherpunk culture, natural sciences, and anthropology.

What makes this episode a must-listen: The crash course in cypherpunk history and the fact that Donald McIntyre knows Nick Szabo’s work so well that this interview is the single closest experience to having the Bit gold inventor himself on the show.

The element of surprise: The tribute to Tim May (the cypherpunk legend who passed one month before we recorded this interview) and the criticism of David Chaum’s Elixxir project. The interview definitely is very cypherpunk-oriented. Also, Mr. McIntyre mentions “Truth Coin” (Paul Sztorc) as a must-have guest — thus establishing a goal that would take me eight seasons to accomplish.

Donald McIntyre talks about the anthropological and historical elements that led to the creation of Bitcoin, and reveals his admiration and affinity for the works of Tim May and Nick Szabo.


Topics and timestamps: 

0:50 – Introduction

2:50 – Was Bitcoin Inevitable?

6:45 – Cypherpunks

7:50 – Desire for Privacy and Sound Money

9:30 – Money as Freedom

13:00 – Trust Minimization

14:40 – Nick Szabo's Social Scalability

18:30 – Privacy and Intelligence Agencies

24:00 – Not Your Keys, Not Your Coins

30:00 – Comments on Centralized Projects

32:00 – Views on Hyperbitcoinization

39:45 – The 1% Wasn't First in Bitcoin

44:00 – The Early Bitcoin Days

44:50 – Bitcoin as a Biological Invention, Nick Szabo's Approach, The Origins of Money

57:00 – Nick Szabo, Tim May, Wei Dai, Hal Finney, Satoshi Nakamoto

1:10:00 – Bitcoin's Game Theory

1:15:00 – Satoshi and Nick Szabo Are Just Like Newton and Leibnitz

1:19:00 – What Was Tim May Like?

1:22:00 – David Chaum

1:26:00 – Cypherpunk Inventions

1:30:00 – Tim May and Wei Dai on Violence

1:32:00 – What Is Ethereum?

1:38:00 – How ETC Supplements BTC

1:42:00 – Bitcoin and Ethereum Classic in 10 Years

1:53:00 – The Only Legitimate Hard Fork in Bitcoin

1:54:00 – Governments and Bitcoin

1:58:00 – Miners' Attacks on Bitcoin Supply and Block Reward

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