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S1 E7: Avi Rosten on John Stuart Mill, Getting Into Bitcoin, and Meeting David Chaum


Avi Rosten makes use of his background in political science and philosophy to talk about Bitcoin, libertarianism, his love for John Stuart Mill, and what it's like to use Bitcoin in the United Kingdom.

Also, he analyzes the Bitcoin-only alternatives for Patreon and inquires on the future of permissionless crowdfunding.

Last but not least, Avi tells a story about meeting David Chaum in London and doing an interview with the legendary cypherpunk.

What makes this episode a must-listen: Avi is well-versed in classical liberalism and the political philosophy which surrounds it. Also, most Bitcoin podcasters talk about the Austrian school of economics but neglect the freedom-centric writings of the classics. Avi talks about the work of John Stuart Mill, a man who influenced everyone from Mises to Hayek and Rothbard.

The element of surprise: Avi recalls the casual setting in which he interviewed David Chaum in London. He suggests that we must be very early if the grandfather of cypherpunks is so unknown to the general public and can become available for interviews so easily. I reply that working in Bitcoin in 2019 is pretty much like getting a job at BBC in the early 1960s: you inevitably meet John Lennon, Mick Jagger, and all the other rock n roll heavyweights years before they become world famous.

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