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S2 E4: Rajarshi Maitra on Bitcoin in India and the Cult status of BTC communities


Indian bitcoiner Rajarshi Maitra talks about the elements that made him love Bitcoin and the ideological transformation that he has undergone in the process. Also, he provides details about the status of BTC in India.

<p>Indian bitcoiner Rajarshi Maitra talks about his involvement in the Bitcoin space and how his worldview has changed once he fell down the rabbit hole. Being brought up in a communist environment and having discovered the innovative way in which Bitcoin allows greedy interests to coexist in harmony, Rajarshi has undergone a significant ideological transformation which compels him to spread the word about Satoshi's invention.</p> <p>Also, Mr. Maitra talks about the importance of gold in the Indian culture and the ways through which Bitcoin might be able to replace it. Other discussions involve doing meetups and spreading awareness on the importance of sound money.</p> <p>Inevitably, the conversation leads to the question: "Is Bitcoin a cult?". Surprisingly, Rajarshi Maitra responds that it might be, yet there is nothing wrong with it as long as the intentions are pure.</p> <p>Tune in for this interesting two-hour conversation and learn more about the Indian culture and the Bitcoin-related events taking place in the world's second most populous country.</p> <p>Follow Rajarshi on Twitter:</p>

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