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If you've been in Bitcoin for a while and you feel like you've outgrown all the newbie content out there, then Bitcoin Takeover Podcast is here to help you take your knowledge to the next level. Through Bitcoin Takeover, you're going to find out about people who work on some of the most innovative and interesting projects in the space. You'll also hear stories from OGs who talk about Bitcoin in the early days. And while the show won't give you investment advice and will never tell you what to do with your money, you may use it to discover great Bitcoin projects & companies in which you can invest. Hop on the Bitcoin Takeover train, there's still a lot to learn and discover!

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S2 E2: Udi Wertheimer on Being a Bitcoiner


When he doesn't troll or shame altcoin fanatics who more or less rightfully deserve the "shitcoiner" badge, Udi Wertheimer is the kind of man who can leave toxicity behind and do a great exposition of his views on Bitcoin. Admittedly, his understanding is constantly shifting throughout time, and it was thanks to this dynamic of always learning that he temporarily labelled himself as a "Bitcoin noob". Throughout this interview, Udi talks about the BTC scene in Israel, transaction privacy and coin mixing with Wasabi wallet, and scalability through Lightning. Moreover, a philosophical discussion about Bitcoin's place in the grand scheme of things and world legal order takes place during most the second half of the podcast. Questions such as "What if we are the bad guys?", "What is the difference between Bitcoin and all the virtual currencies?" and "Is Bitcoin against the US foreign policy?" receive candid yet nuanced answers that are definitely worth listening. Understanding Bitcoin is a continuous process, and the insights that Udi Wertheimer gives us are undoubtedly valuable. Give him a listen, he's definitely much more than the toxic Twitter troll who takes shots at bad actors.

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