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S2 E1: Wassim Alsindi on Bitcoin as a Time Machine


In this in-depth interview, polymath Wassim Alsindi talks about his views on Bitcoin, why it resembles the qualities of a time machine, and how altcoins can actually be interesting experiments which reveal the limitations of certain technological and social governance models. The discussions transcend the idea of maximalism and explore a more scientific approach to everything involving blockchains: while there is no doubt that Bitcoin reigns supreme and will remain king, there are always good or bad lessons to be learned from the more or less reckless experimentation conducted via altcoins. The fundamental idea is that some technological breakthroughs (such as MimbleWimble and Confidential Transactions) may end up being implemented in BTC at some point, but the fact that other projects try them first ensures a better implementation in the conservative, definitely more decentralized, and resilient-by-design network of Bitcoin. Also, Wassim Alsindi is specialized in protocol forks and political hacks, which makes his points about derived altcoin projects much more knowledgeable and interesting. Throughout the nearly three hours of interview, you will also get to find out more about the early days of Mr. Alsindi as a Bitcoiner and how he became interested in pursuing research in this exciting field which combines computer science and cryptography.

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