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S2 E7: Sasquatch Muscle on Going from Shitcoiner to Bitcoin Maximalist


American bitcoiner Sasquatch Muscle had a pretty typical beginning the the world of cryptocurrencies: he bought some shitcoins close to the all-time high, then got caught in the never-ending cycle of trading between them as a way of maximizing USD gains.

However, after months of studying the phenomena and learning more about Bitcoin and its community, he now runs his full BTC node and onboards the Lightning Network without making use of custodial wallet.

His transformation is inspiring and his story is definitely useful to help newcomers understand what kind of mistakes they should be avoiding in order to have a good experience from which they learn more than managing poorly informed speculation.

Also, Sasquatch Muscle presents some of his experiences working in the public sector and expresses his views on the ways in which Bitcoin can help create more responsibility, sovereignty, and accountability.

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