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On the Bitcoin Takeover podcast you're going to hear the builders and innovators who make the Bitcoin project valuable. It's thanks to their work that the BTC price goes up, and it's their efforts that convince large investors that Bitcoin is the future of money. Here you will find the projects and ideas that will radically improve Bitcoin in the future, presented by the creators and innovators themselves. Time to learn!

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S2 E8: Giacomo Zucco on Bitcoin-only events, The B & Neutrino


Italian Bitcoin maximalist Giacomo Zucco talks about the industry shift from "blockchain" to Bitcoin-only, the flaws of Neutrino, and The B.

<p>In preparation for the Understanding Bitcoin Conference which took place in Malta back in April 2019, Giacomo Zucco has decided to present some of his objections towards the security model of Neutrino. In his view, the technology can potentially become a threat and a disentivization for users who run full BTC nodes. Therefore, this episode will reveal more of his considerations.</p> <p> </p> <p>Also, Giacomo talks about Bitcoin-only events and how they are taking over the "crypto" and "blockchain"-focused gatherings which seem to mostly deliver vaporware.</p> <p> </p> <p>In this episode you will also get a brief update on the B, an organization whose purpose is to finance Bitcoin development. </p>

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