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S2 Bonus: Unpopular Opinions with Chris DeRose


When you think of Chris DeRose, you either think of the scrutinizing Bitcoin Uncensored host or the nihilistic Twitter troll. Thankfully, this candid interview will definitely make you respect him more.

The "ticker-agnostic" Chris DeRose, who at various moments of his long involvement in Bitcoin has endorsed the BCH and BSV forks, turns out to be an avid post-modernist philosophy leader who constantly puts himself in a position where he must argue against the largest majority.

As you're about to hear, the man who is partially responsible for the creation of the "Bitcoin maximalist" label by Vitalik Buterin likes to regard everything as if he was an alien who just landed on Earth and saw human inventions for the first time ever. He asks uncomfortable questions, he questions even the most solid of paradigms, and has no issue with the fact that he might be wrong.


To Chris DeRose, the inquiry and the search are the greatest reasons to be around the Bitcoin space and his pursuit is designed to hurt feelings, disappoint expectations, and ultimately defy norms. It's not necessarily about being right or wrong, but about asking the right questions which open new doors.

Some may find this two-hour immersion in the mind of Chris DeRose blasphemous and against all established conventions. Nonetheless, some of his points are valid and intriguing and worth pursuing by any open mind. 

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