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S3 E2: Jeremy on Bitcoin & American Patriotism


Jeremy's involvement in the realm of cryptographic digital currencies precedes the invention of Bitcoin: during the 1990s, he has collected intelligence about a rudimentary privacy coin for a military project. But as soon as he stumbled upon Satoshi Nakamoto's creation, he has irreversibly fallen in love with it.

As an American citizen, Jeremy considers himself to be a patriot: not in the sense that he follows the narrative of mainstream politics, but to the extent that he believes in the vision of the Founding Fathers and the spirit of the US Constitution. In this regard, he thinks that Bitcoin is a financial tool which helps individuals attain the kind of freedom which the likes of Madison and Jefferson projected in their political writings.

Also, Jeremy is passionate about Bitcoin software and runs the applications which he finds most interesting and useful. Part of the conversation concerns Wasabi, LND, Samourai, the Core client, and more.

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