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S4 E4: BTChip (Nicolas Bacca) on Ledger and Hardware Wallet Innovation


Thanks to his decades-long in security chips and electronic devices, BTChip (Nicolas Bacca) is one of the finest experts in the field of Bitcoin hardware wallets.


In this exclusive episodes, he answers questions about the design choices of the Ledger Nano series, compares the products with the Trezor, Coldcard, BitBox02, and KeepKey, but also reflects on the future of Bitcoin security.



Episode time stamps:

04:40 – Introduction, brief history of experiences in the field

06:20 – Why Trezor was created

8:20 – Pushing your op-sec with Trezor's apps and operating system

11:00 – Ledger criticism as feedback

13:25 – Why should anyone buy a hardware wallet?

17:10 – Why choose a Ledger hardware wallet?

20:47 – Ledger Nano S vs Nano X

24:00 – The pros and cons of Trezor devices

27:03 – The pros and cons of the KeepKey

29:24 – The pros and cons of the Coldcard wallet

31:00 – The pros and cons of the BitBox02

35:00 – What is open source about the Ledger software and what isn't?

42:20 – Security element chips in hardware wallets (Ledger, BitBox, Coldcard)

51:20 – Is it safe to buy used Ledger hardware wallets on eBay?

53:00 – Are hardware wallets like toothbrushes?

55:55 – Bitcoin-only Ledger?

57:20 – Multisig in Ledger Live?

1:01:00 – Is it reckless to use your Ledger with third party software (Electrum, Wasabi, Shapeshift)?

1:03:41 – What is next for Ledger? (Liquid, Shamir, CoinJoin, PSBT)

1:09:00 – How does Ledger Manager recognize a fake Ledger hardware wallet?

1:14:00 – The golden age of hardware wallets and wild experiments

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