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Warning: this show contains critical thinking and real conversations with real bitcoiners. Both the host and the guests are not afraid of being critical, they constantly express the unpopular opinions that others don't even dare to utter, but in the end still conclude that Bitcoin is still the best money system humanity has ever had. It's going to take over the world, but we must ensure we use all the best practices of sovereignty and self custody. If you do proceed in spite of this warning, you will have a lot to learn from genuine people who use Bitcoin all around the world. While Bitcoin's financial, social and political takeover happens, you can learn more about it on the Bitcoin Takeover Podcast!

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S4 E6: JW Weatherman on Hardware Wallets, Cold Storage & Multisig


05:45 – Solve the puzzle and get 2.1 BTC from show sponsor Phemex


8:50 – Supply chain attacks on hardware wallets


12:00 – Compromising private key generation on hardware wallets


12:50 – Is running Bitcoin Core on your computer as safe as using a hardware wallet?


14:46 – Coldcard’s PSBT


20:28 – Lindy effects in hardware wallets (the longer they’ve been around, the more secure they are)


22:50 – Hardware wallets are definitely better than bank account security


23:10 – Why Bitcoin’s scarcity makes it very valuable


24:43 – Losing bitcoins vs losing fiat


26:48 – Hardware wallets vs cold storage


29:00 – QR code cold storage


29:25 – Multisig


34:00 – Casa multisig inheritance system


39:30 – Authentication, identity & voting


43:30 – Are microchip implants a safe way to store your Bitcoin private keys?


45:47 – Why Bitcoin is the best user experience


47:20 – YetiCold dot com


55:00 – Why does YetiCold use 3 out of 7 signatures?


58:00 – JW Weatherman on using steel plates to store private keys


1:02:00 – What the term “cypherpunk” really means and why the cypherpunk movement is abolitionist 


1:05:40 – Why should YetiCold be trusted?


1:07:00 – Does YetiCold make JW Weatherman any money?


1:09:00 – Mathbot dot com


1:11:05 – Is Donald McIntyre a cypherpunk historian?


1:11:53 – David Chaum is a genius


1:13:50 – Digicash had to exist and had to fail


1:14:27 – Why JW Weatherman thinks Monero is a scam


1:16:53 – Closing note on the JW Weatherman’s interview with Tim May (available on YouTube)


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