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S4 E8: Slush on Trezor Hardware Wallets and Security Innovation


Slush, inventor of both the world's first mining pool and hardware wallet, talks about his work on the Trezor products and why good and transparent software is more important than physical security. Time Stamps: 4:03 – Introduction 5:00 – How did Slush come up with the idea of creating a hardware wallet? 6:30 – Meeting Satoshi Labs & Trezor Co-Founder Stick 8:50 – Why the Trezor was designed in line with the Bitcoin philosophy so you can build your own and verify its code 10:30 – Peter Todd and Lazy Ninja liked the Trezor the most 12:25 – Why should bitcoiners use a hardware wallet? 13:00 – Satoshi Labs advised Crypto Steel 14:00 – When you need to do cryptographic operations that are enabled by hardware wallets 15:39 – Why should newcomers buy Trezor hardware wallets? 21:15 – Hardware is broken and lagging behind software 27:10 – The pros of Ledger 27:40 – The issues of Ledger 28:37 – The pros and cons of KeepKey 29:25 – The Coldcard wallet design & why it’s selling snake oil 30:40 – What can’t be verified about the Coldcard? 33:23 – Is physical security a marketing trap? 35:56 – What’s to like about the BitBox? 37:30 – What are the tradeoffs of the Trezor? 38:23 – Shamir Backup 45:10 – SLIP doesn’t stand for Stephan Livera Podcast 46:48 – Software before hardware 48:01 – Why is the Trezor so expensive if it’s so basic? 48:55 – Other companies taking Trezor’s open source software to create cheaper hardware wallet clones 54:12 – Is there demand for the BTC-only firmware? 55:33 – Multisig on the Trezor 1:00:39 – Who should use a multisig setup? 1:02:30 – When should you get a hardware wallet? 1:09:10 – Local software application for Trezor 1:12:00 – Running your Trezor with Electrum or Wasabi 1:13:05 – Does Trezor collect any user data? 1:16:30 – Trezor doesn’t know who you are 1:18:23 – What are Trezor’s future plans?

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