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S4 E10: Rodolfo Novak (nvk) on the Coldcard Wallet


Coinkite CEO Rodolfo Novak talks about the security problems that the Coldcard Wallet solves and why the product has an edge on the competition.

Coinkite CEO Rodolfo Novak talks about the unique design of the Coldcard wallet and the device's uncompromising approach to security. 5:25 – Why use a hardware wallet? 6:33 – A lot of people have lost their bitcoins in the early days 7:45 – Building your own Coldcard 9:08 – Why is the Coldcard special? 12:10 – What is great about the Trezor? 12:25 – The problem with Trezor 12:43 – Why is the Ledger interesting? 13:00 – What keeps the Ledger from being great? 13:08 – The pros and cons of the KeepKey 13:30 – What is nice about the Cobo? 14:45 – On Slush’s criticism of physical security 16:14 – Whe massive spectrum of secure elements 21:15 – Can airport security hack your hardware wallet? 24:05 – Ledger article “Not All Chips Are Born Equal” and the definition of security element chips 27:10 – Is going Bitcoin-only more secure and profitable? 30:13 – Why altcoiners don’t care much about security 32:17 – Different types of bitcoiners have different kinds of security expectations 34:45 – Can hardware wallet manufacturers keep track of the devices they sell to dox you or steal your coins? 37:16 – User interface wallets that potentially track you 39:30 – Is a KeepKey that you run via Electrum as secure as a Trezor? 40:10 – Is PSBT really safe? 45:03 – Can you check your balance on a Coldcard? 46:50 – Coldcard’s opsec 49:00 – Does Coinkite store any data about customers to link the serial number with the invoice? 50:28 – Coinkite’s merchant processor is proprietary 51:17 – Rolling the dice for more randomness during seed phrase generation 53:11 – What is CK Bunker? 55:05 – Shamir Backup on Coldcard? 56:12 – What is next for the Coldcard? 58:42 – Is it safe to never upgrade your Coldcard and keep it as cold storage? 1:00:56 – Secure elements designed for Bitcoin 1:01:30 – Is the Coldcard comparable with a dedicated general-purpose computer?

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