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S4 E10: Rodolfo Novak (nvk) on the Coldcard Wallet


Coinkite CEO Rodolfo Novak talks about the unique design of the Coldcard wallet and the device's uncompromising approach to security. 5:25 – Why use a hardware wallet? 6:33 – A lot of people have lost their bitcoins in the early days 7:45 – Building your own Coldcard 9:08 – Why is the Coldcard special? 12:10 – What is great about the Trezor? 12:25 – The problem with Trezor 12:43 – Why is the Ledger interesting? 13:00 – What keeps the Ledger from being great? 13:08 – The pros and cons of the KeepKey 13:30 – What is nice about the Cobo? 14:45 – On Slush’s criticism of physical security 16:14 – Whe massive spectrum of secure elements 21:15 – Can airport security hack your hardware wallet? 24:05 – Ledger article “Not All Chips Are Born Equal” and the definition of security element chips 27:10 – Is going Bitcoin-only more secure and profitable? 30:13 – Why altcoiners don’t care much about security 32:17 – Different types of bitcoiners have different kinds of security expectations 34:45 – Can hardware wallet manufacturers keep track of the devices they sell to dox you or steal your coins? 37:16 – User interface wallets that potentially track you 39:30 – Is a KeepKey that you run via Electrum as secure as a Trezor? 40:10 – Is PSBT really safe? 45:03 – Can you check your balance on a Coldcard? 46:50 – Coldcard’s opsec 49:00 – Does Coinkite store any data about customers to link the serial number with the invoice? 50:28 – Coinkite’s merchant processor is proprietary 51:17 – Rolling the dice for more randomness during seed phrase generation 53:11 – What is CK Bunker? 55:05 – Shamir Backup on Coldcard? 56:12 – What is next for the Coldcard? 58:42 – Is it safe to never upgrade your Coldcard and keep it as cold storage? 1:00:56 – Secure elements designed for Bitcoin 1:01:30 – Is the Coldcard comparable with a dedicated general-purpose computer?

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