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S4 E9: Lixin Liu on Cobo Vault & Cobo Tablet


Lixin Liu, creator of the Cobo Vault, talks about building a hardware wallet that serves the needs of the Chinese miners and then trying to branch out towards Western markets with a second generation of devices. Furthermore, he mentions why he thinks the design of the new Cobo Tablet is more intuitive and ergonomic than that of the Crypto Steel. Time stamps: 04:01 – The problem with brain wallets 09:23 – Paper Wallets 12:15 – The Cobo Tablet 13:55 – The Cobo Vault 16:09 – Testing according to the American military standards 16:38 – Building a product for the miners 18:36 – The background story of Cobo 21:36 – Driving a car over the Cobo vault 22:07 – Cobo Tablet vs Crypto Steel and Billfodl 26:45 – Disposing unused metal plate letters with responsibility 28:23 – Cosmos Tablet vs Cobo Tablet 28:46 – Possibly releasing a co-branded Cobo Tablet with Coldcard 30:53 – Product positioning for the Cobo Tablet vs Cobo Vault 32:57 – 2nd gen Cobo Vault 34:01 – Cobo Vault vs Cobo Vault Gen 2 36:46 – Secure element of Cobo Vault Gen 2 46:32 – The definition of a secure element 50:43 – Cobo secure element vs Coldcard secure element 52:33 – Is the Cobo Vault source code open source? 56:39 – DIY Cobo Vault? 58:35 – Cobo vs Trezor 1:00:29 – Cobo vs Coldcard 1:02:40 – Cobo vs Ledger 1:03:48 – Cobo vs BitBox02 1:05:12 – Cobo vs KeepKey 1:08:08 – Does Cobo Vault connect to your own full node? 1:10:40 – Cobo Vault privacy 1:18:33 – Closing words on 2nd Generation Cobo Vault

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