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On the Bitcoin Takeover podcast you're going to hear the builders and innovators who make the Bitcoin project valuable. It's thanks to their work that the BTC price goes up, and it's their efforts that convince large investors that Bitcoin is the future of money. Here you will find the projects and ideas that will radically improve Bitcoin in the future, presented by the creators and innovators themselves. Time to learn!

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S5 E4: Francis Pouliot on Bull Bitcoin, P2EP, Citadels & Personal Security


As a long-time bitcoiner, Francis Pouliot is both excited about the innovations coming to Bitcoin and conservative about his way of maintaining personal security. In this episode, he reveals his personal philosophy and future plans.

In the years he has spent in the Bitcoin space, Francis Pouliot has learned a lot about personal security and how one should take care of op-sec. And even though he is a well-known figure in the space, he takes significant steps towards protecting his own privacy. Pouliot is an open advocate of Bitcoin citadels and believes in Nassim Taleb's solution for trust. In small communities, humans are pressured to care much more about their reputation and act in good faith. And that is just one part of the plan that Francis Pouliot has for his future whereabouts. Francis Pouliot also talks about P2EP (Pay to End Point), a new Bitcoin privacy solution that is expected to make blockchain analysis obsolete. And in between stories, the Canadian bitcoiner gives useful advice to new bitcoiners. Time Stamps: 01:00 – Introduction 2:24 – Bull Bitcoin is the only exchange which does CoinJoins by default 4:20 – Playing with Confidential Transactions on Liquid 5:10 – Pay to End Point (P2EP) is “Game Over” for Chainalysis 6:05 – Pieter Wuille’s brilliance 7:00 – Francis’ experience with Blockstream 8:30 – Who should you trust in the Bitcoin space? 10:04 – What is Pay to End Point (P2EP) and how is it different from a CoinJoin? 19:00 – How Bull Bitcoin helps Bitcoin 21:16 – Why Stock to Flow (S2F) is a terrible narrative 30:40 – What is the best way to secure bitcoins? 33:45 – Why multisig is overkill for most people 34:55 – Why hardware wallets are best for most users 39:15 – Keep it simple if you’re not a big target 40:15 – Personal security for bitcoiners who go to conferences and meet-ups 45:50 – Bitcoin citadels 51:20 – “Don’t trust verify”, trust, and reputation 59:00 – The pitfalls of clout chasing

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