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If you've been in Bitcoin for a while and you feel like you've outgrown all the newbie content out there, then Bitcoin Takeover Podcast is here to help you take your knowledge to the next level. Through Bitcoin Takeover, you're going to find out about people who work on some of the most innovative and interesting projects in the space. You'll also hear stories from OGs who talk about Bitcoin in the early days. And while the show won't give you investment advice and will never tell you what to do with your money, you may use it to discover great Bitcoin projects & companies in which you can invest. Hop on the Bitcoin Takeover train, there's still a lot to learn and discover!

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S5 E6: Nopara73 on Wasabi Wallet, P2EP, Samourai & Bitcoin Privacy


Wasabi Wallet creator and lead developer explains how P2EP (Pay to End Point) can make blockchain analysis obsolete, but also expresses his views on Bitcoin security and why you probably shouldn't use Samourai Wallet. Episode Time Stamps: 00:00 – Introduction 02:06 – What are CoinJoins and how are today’s mixing services different from the tumblers of the old days? 03:55 – What is P2EP (Pay to End Point)? 5:30 – What is the origins of P2EP? 08:20 – PayJoin and how it originates from BustaPay 09:20 – Samourai’s Cahoots or Stoveaway transactions, and why they’re PayJoins but not PayToEndPoints 11:02 – Why P2EP has more potential than PayJoins 12:00 – Cool negotiations that can be done between parties when sending Pay to End Point (P2EP) transactions 13:50 – Why P2EP helps a lot of bitcoiners’ privacy, but not everyone’s 14:15 – CoinJoins vs P2EP in terms of efficiency to reach privacy 15:00 – Why P2EP doesn’t directly improve your privacy, but tricks blockchain analysis 16:30 – CoinJoins are identifiable 17:45 – Is Wasabi Wallet censorship resistant? 19:42 – The 3 issues of building electronic money, according to cypherpunk literature 22:10 – Bitcoin privacy vs fungibility 23:05 – Wasabi’s new mixing technology 25:40 – Which desktop and mobile wallet does Nopara recommend to a newbie? 27:40 – Discussion on Blockstream Green 28:31 – Wasabi vs JoinMarket vs Samourai 29:48 – Don’t use Samourai 33:30 – Why Wasabi requires more BTC to enter CoinJoins than Samourai 36:30 – What is planned for the Wasabi Wallet UX? 36:50 – Wasabi hired a cryptographer named Istvan Seres who is as knowledgeable as Greg Maxwell 38:10 – What is next for Nopara? 40:50 – Wasabi getting involved in Pay to End Point with BTCPay Server 41:50 – Can Liquid improve CoinJoins? 43:55 – Will Bitcoin privacy happen in side chains, or should the base layer get fixed? 45:30 – Wasabi’s hardware wallet integration 47:58 – Was Samson Mow right about CoinJoins being tainted correct? Is it justified to speak of Pay to End Point as opposed to PayJoins? 49:34 – P2EP and PayJoin need new and different names? 49:58 – Who can we trust, what should we verify? 52:30 – Bitstein’s presentation from BigBlockBoom where he referenced Schopenhauer’s “The Art of Controversy” to distinguish between rhetoric and dialectics

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