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S5 E1: Bobby Lee on Ballet Cold Storage & Returning to the Real Bitcoin


Bobby Lee talks about Ballet Wallet, his return to the real Bitcoin, meeting Bruce Willis, debating Nouriel Roubini, and onboarding nocoiners with a skewmorphic object that they can understand. 00:50 – Introduction 2:00 – How Ballet was created 3:16 – Ballet REAL vs PRO 4:55 – BIP 38 in Ballet PRO 7:30 – How Charlie Lee gifted Bobby a Casascius physical coin 9:27 – Skewmorphisms for nocoiners (a physical card is easy to understand) 11:20 – How does the Ballet app work and how does it improve on the Casascius and BTC Mint model? 15:41 – Ballet is not for experienced bitcoiners, but nocoiners who had no previous exposure with BTC and need to learn how it works 19:37 – Ballet PRO as a gift where the giver is the trusted third party 21:00 – The Bruce Willis story (and how his daughters received BTC) 23:40 – How did Bruce Willis react? 24:40 – What Adam Back, Trace Mayer, and Tone Vays thought about the Ballet wallet 28:40 – What is the maximum amount that should be stored on a Ballet Wallet? After which threshold should users look into more sophisticated storage solutions? 30:53 – Can Ballet help incentivize more people to run Bitcoin nodes? 34:30 – Which competitors does Ballet have? 36:55 – Bitcoin onboarding and full nodes 38:48 – Does Ballet compete with mobile wallets? 41:31 – Does the Ballet come in a 3-pack? 42:40 – How did Bobby Lee come up with the name “Ballet”? 45:10 – Bobby Lee’s comeback from the big blocker camp and why he returned to the real Bitcoin 46:37 – BTC actually has bigger blocks on average 47:05 – The network effect of Bitcoin 47:30 – Why the Ballet was created and Bitcoin’s use case 49:39 – Bobby Lee’s debate with Nouriel Roubini 50:40 – Nouriel Roubini is a Bitcoin maximalist 52:10 – Closing comments

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