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S5 E7: Torsten Hoffmann on his new Bitcoin film, "Cryptopia: Bitcoin, Blockchains, and the Future of the Internet"


May 7th 2020 has marked the global release of Torsten Hoffmann's second documentary about Bitcoin, titled "Cryptopia: Bitcoin, Blockchains, and the Future of the Internet". In this interview, he talks about some highlights from the film. ================================================ Time stamps: 00:47 – Introduction 2:17 – Ticket prices and how the interviewees have changed since the last documentary (Bitcoin: The End of Money As We Know It) 4:18 – Approaching Roger Ver and remaining objective in presenting the scaling debate 6:55 – The explanatory animations in the documentary and reaching newbies 9:00 – The documentary's 3 chapters 11:26 – Why maximalists should pay more attention to the film before dismissing it 12:00 – Roger Ver going from Bitcoin Jesus to Bitcoin Judas 14:30 – Travelling around the world to film interviews 14:55 – Xapo's huge underground military storage facility 17:40 – Working on the film for 6 years 18:30 – Why watching the documentary in the cinema is a different experience 19:15 – Why Bitcoin documentaries made by community members are better 20:31 – The hero's journey 21:00 – The chapter about the history of the internet 22:08 – Mining innovation and using the cheapest kind of energy 23:54 – Why Bitcoin helps make energy more efficient 24:34 – Managing to distinguish between Bitcoin and scams in a way that doesn't create confusion 25:17 – Interviewing the inventor of ERC20 and confronting him with the scams he enabled 28:00 – Another ICO mania? 29:25 – The Ponzi psychology and human greed 30:20 – Is "Cryptopia" a conversation starter for nocoiners? 32:20 – What would Torsten change to his documentary? 33:45 – What would Vlad add to the documentary? 34:15 – Starting the project from the Bitcoin "Civil War" and removing parts to make it all less confusing 35:15 – Scaling Bitcoin 36:49 – Bitmain and SegWit 37:28 – The Andreas Antonopoulos quote that didn't make the final cut 38:25 – Should altcoins exist? 39:09 – Why maximalism is fascinating to Torsten Hoffmann 40:26 – Why Ethereum sucks 42:40 – Why BS V sucks 43:39 – A certain character who lives in London, files patents, and claims to have invented Bitcoin. Why does he belong in this film? 46:08 – Gigabyte blocks are a myth 47:53 – Interviewing Calvin? 49:21 – How was the feedback for "Cryptopia"? 51:15 – A newbie would have sucked at producing a documentary like this 52:39 – Why do projects need blockchains? 54:41 – DHL has been tracking items for years without blockchains 56:08 – Closing notes

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