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Warning: this show contains critical thinking and real conversations with real bitcoiners. Both the host and the guests are not afraid of being critical, they constantly express the unpopular opinions that others don't even dare to utter, but in the end still conclude that Bitcoin is still the best money system humanity has ever had. It's going to take over the world, but we must ensure we use all the best practices of sovereignty and self custody. If you do proceed in spite of this warning, you will have a lot to learn from genuine people who use Bitcoin all around the world. While Bitcoin's financial, social and political takeover happens, you can learn more about it on the Bitcoin Takeover Podcast!

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S5 E8: Eric Voskuil on Libbitcoin Development & Austrian Economics


Libbitcoin developer Eric Voskuil talks about the breakthroughs he made as a coder and his affinity and understanding of Austrian economics. Furthermore, he provides information about his Cryptoeconomics book & answers questions from Twitter followers. ================================================ Time stamps: 00:47 – Intro 02:00 – For how long has Eric Voskuil worked on Libbitcoin? 04:00 – Why are Bitcoin repository ports created? 6:30 – Breakthroughs made by Libbitcoin 12:10 – Eric Voskuil's more advanced activity in Bitcoin 15:43 – Performance optimization 20:51 – Satoshi Nakamoto wasn't a professional programmer 25:15 – Is Eric Voskuil a computer scientist or an economist? 28:10 – Austrian economics 29:30 – Credit and economic production 33:25 – Misean economics as an axiomatic system 38:54 – S2F (Stock to Flow) is not Austrian 42:20 – Price cannot be proven economically 44:01 – The value proposition of Bitcoin as money 44:27 – Why store of value is subjective 45:53 – Lunar fallacy 48:50 – Eric Voskuil's Cryptoeconomics 50:52 – The Cryptoeconomics books 52:43 – Musing over censorship resistance for a year 54:15 – Economic rational explanation for censorship resistance 56:40 – James Chang's contributions to the Cryptoeconomics book 59:20 – Cryptoeconomics vs The Bitcoin Standard 1:02:00 – Combining Libbitcoin and Cryptoeconomics 1:06:54 – Bitcoin took years to understand 1:09:20 – Bitcoin security 1:14:16 – Why Trezor offers the best security 1:22:37 – CB750 break pedal 1:24:20 – Is hyperbitcoinization possible? 1:26:38 – Cryptoeconomics on Amazon? 1:27:46 – Improving Bitcoin Privacy 1:29:34 – Take-aways from Vietnam conference 1:33:17 – What happens to Bitcoin if the internet gets regionalized? 1:34:49 – Why the Blockstream Satellite doesn't solve problems 1:38:56 – The US government as a threat model 1:40:52 – Resilience vs privacy 1:42:37 – Outlawing Bitcoin development threatens devs? 1:51:44 – Bitcoin is not a gambling device 1:53:40 – Libbitcoin institute donations

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