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S7 E6: Car Golzalez on Podcasting, Music & Integrity


Car Golzalez is best known for doing Bitcoin-related research during his Thriller Podcast. But in his spare time, he enjoys listening to Bob Dylan albums and has some very interesting opinions on some of the more obscure and underrated albums. We also talk about what it's like to be an ethical podcaster in a space where most people seem to shamelessly enjoy every financial benefit while maintaining a shady reputation. ----------------------------------- This episode is sponsored by Vaultoro & Trezor. If you would like to help the show, there are two ways you can do it: Sign up for Vaultoro and start trading with hard money (Bitcoin, gold & silver)*: Buy a Trezor hardware wallet to improve your security with the power of open source: *Attention: the information presented is not financial advice. Only start trading if you've made prior plans about it, you've done market research and/or you have consulted a financial advisor. All trading involves risks and you are responsible for your own decisions.

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