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S8 E5: Zach Herbert on Foundation Devices' Passport


Zach Herbert is the CEO of Foundation Devices – a company that is about to ship the first batch of the Passport, a new user-friendly and Bitcoin-centric hardware wallet. In this interview, Zack talks about the elements that make the Passport unique. This episode is sponsored by Vaultoro and Wasabi Wallet. ––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– Time stamps: 00:00 – Intro 03:40 – What was the initial reception like for the Foundation Devices Passport? 05:25 – The global chip shortage and hardware wallets 07:22 – Why launch another hardware wallet? 11:20 – Does the Foundation Devices Passport work with third party wallets like Wasabi, Electrum, and Blue Wallet? 14:00 – Why does the Passport sign transactions with an SD card or QR codes that you scan with the embedded camera? 16:20 – What kind of secure element chip does the Foundation Devices Passport use? 18:29 – From 1 to 10, how open source and transparent is the Passport hardware wallet? 20:40 – Tropic Square’s TASSIC chip and bunnie’s Precursor project 25:25 – Foundation Devices Passport vs Trezor 28:24 – Foundation Devices Passport vs Ledger 32:00 – Foundation Devices Passport vs Coldcard 39:17 – Is Foundation Devices Passport giving away bounties to ethical hackers? 41:47 – Passport’s security audit being made by the hackers 47:15 – Foundation Devices Passport vs BitBox02 52:07 – Why use hardware wallets when you can do cheaper DIY projects? 56:03 – Should we load up on hardware wallets before supply chain attacks become a lot more common? 57:00 – Are multisig setups a silver bullet for security? What about Shamir Secret Sharing? 1:00:30 – The surprise gift that comes with the first batch of Passports 1:01:30 – How can you get more privacy when ordering the Passport from Foundation Devices? 1:07:16 – What should we expect next from Foundation Devices? (node, phone & more)

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