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If you've been in Bitcoin for a while and you feel like you've outgrown all the newbie content out there, then Bitcoin Takeover Podcast is here to help you take your knowledge to the next level. Through Bitcoin Takeover, you're going to find out about people who work on some of the most innovative and interesting projects in the space. You'll also hear stories from OGs who talk about Bitcoin in the early days. And while the show won't give you investment advice and will never tell you what to do with your money, you may use it to discover great Bitcoin projects & companies in which you can invest. Hop on the Bitcoin Takeover train, there's still a lot to learn and discover!

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S8 E5: Zach Herbert on Foundation Devices' Passport


Zach Herbert is the CEO of Foundation Devices – a company that is about to ship the first batch of the Passport, a new user-friendly and Bitcoin-centric hardware wallet. In this interview, Zack talks about the elements that make the Passport unique. This episode is sponsored by Vaultoro and Wasabi Wallet. ––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– Time stamps: 00:00 – Intro 03:40 – What was the initial reception like for the Foundation Devices Passport? 05:25 – The global chip shortage and hardware wallets 07:22 – Why launch another hardware wallet? 11:20 – Does the Foundation Devices Passport work with third party wallets like Wasabi, Electrum, and Blue Wallet? 14:00 – Why does the Passport sign transactions with an SD card or QR codes that you scan with the embedded camera? 16:20 – What kind of secure element chip does the Foundation Devices Passport use? 18:29 – From 1 to 10, how open source and transparent is the Passport hardware wallet? 20:40 – Tropic Square’s TASSIC chip and bunnie’s Precursor project 25:25 – Foundation Devices Passport vs Trezor 28:24 – Foundation Devices Passport vs Ledger 32:00 – Foundation Devices Passport vs Coldcard 39:17 – Is Foundation Devices Passport giving away bounties to ethical hackers? 41:47 – Passport’s security audit being made by the hackers 47:15 – Foundation Devices Passport vs BitBox02 52:07 – Why use hardware wallets when you can do cheaper DIY projects? 56:03 – Should we load up on hardware wallets before supply chain attacks become a lot more common? 57:00 – Are multisig setups a silver bullet for security? What about Shamir Secret Sharing? 1:00:30 – The surprise gift that comes with the first batch of Passports 1:01:30 – How can you get more privacy when ordering the Passport from Foundation Devices? 1:07:16 – What should we expect next from Foundation Devices? (node, phone & more)

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