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S8 E8: Slush on Trezor and Tropic Square


Slush talks about the next Trezor hardware wallet: a device that's going to benefit from the Tropic Square open source secure element chip, but also add a few extra features. Also, the Satoshi Labs CEO presents some important security tips. This episode is sponsored by Vaultoro and Wasabi Wallet. Here are the time stamps: 01:42 – Intro 03:24 – How did Slush come up with the idea of Tropic Square? 09:31 – What were Tropic Square’s biggest challenges? 12:54 – What’s the stage of development for the Tropic Square chips? 14:50 – Addressing chip audibility criticism from Lawrence Nahum and Zach Herbert: how can users verify the open sourceness of the chips? 18:10 – Coldcard changing licenses because of Foundation Devices: how does the situation compare to what Trezor did when KeepKey came around? 21:00 – Should users add complexity to their backup with a passphrase? 32:49 – Can the issue of physical security get solved? 34:00 – What does Slush think about the Cobo Vault? 39:55 – Can the Trezor do PSBT? 40:27 – USB vs PSBT via SD card 42:10 – What does Slush think about the Foundation Devices Passport? 43:58 – What does Slush think about the Blockstream Jade? 48:35 – Which features will the next Trezor hardware have? 49:58 – The Trezor Model T screen 52:30 – Trezor’s user interface improvements with Trezor Suite 57:51 – Trezor Suite wallet verification to prevent phishing attacks 1:00:55 – New features in Trezor Suite 1:03:20 – Are there any plans to add SLIP 0039 (Shamir Secret Sharing) to the Trezor One? 1:04:45 – The issue with typing your passphrase on your computer keyboard when using the Trezor One 1:07:41 – Connecting your Trezor to a full node 1:09:43 – Multisig vs Shamir Secret Sharing 1:19:18 – How does Trezor secure its marketing database and how can people order hardware wallets in a safer way? 1:23:17 – Why should people still buy hardware wallets instead of doing setups on wiped laptops? 1:21:19 – Removing fake applications and other phishing attempts 1:30:34 – What is next for Trezor and Satoshi Labs?

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