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S9 E10: David St-Onge on Bitcoin Books


When he began researching Bitcoin, David St-Onge decided to purchase and read some of the most popular books on the topic. In this interview, he rates the one that he liked the most and makes recommendations about where you should begin your journey. This episode is sponsored by Vaultoro (the exchange where you only trade with honest money) and Wasabi (the bitcoin wallet that's optimized to protect your network-level and transaction privacy). Time stamps: 0:00 Intro 1:41 Presentation 3:48 David’s book reading frenzy 7:49 Mastering Blockchain 11:58 Tokenomics 14:29 Stray Dog visits 15:08 Tokenomics (continued) 16:00 Mastering Bitcoin 19:16 David’s motivations to write his book 20:51 Programming Bitcoin 22:43 The Bitcoin Standard 23:40 What has government done to our money ? 25:15 Layered Money 26:20 The Bitcoin Standard (continued) 28:55 What has government done to our money ? (continued) 30:52 The Bitcoin Money Book 33:58 How David met his publisher 36:08 The little Bitcoin Book 42:41 21 Lessons 45:45 Inventing Bitcoin 50:05 The book of Satoshi 55:10 Why Buy Bitcoin 57:36 The Price of Tomorrow 1:04:02 Books about Hyperinflation in Zimbabwe 1:08:46 The Lessons Of History 1:11:11 Sovereignty through mathematics 1:16:22 The short list 1:16:52 Tout sur Bitcoin (The short list) 1:18:17 Inventing Bitcoin (The short list) 1:18:46 Layered Money (The short list) 1:20:32 The Price of Tomorrow (The short list) 1:20:55 Future reading 1:21:45 The zero interest trap 1:24:30 Thoughts on Bitcoin courses 1:28:45 When did David decide to write his book ? 1:32:55 Where you can buy David’s book? 1:34:35 Bitcoin Twitter 1:35:44 How would David rate Vlad's BTCTKVR magazine ? 1:39:23 Layered Money (rating) 1:39:59 Conclusion 1:47:17 The Hidden book (The Blocksize War)

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