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S9 E11: Satoshi Sound on the Bitcoin & Friends Show


Satoshi Sound is a co-producer of the Bitcoin & Friends animated show. Having joined the Bitcoin space in 2013, he is also involved in mining and has a background in gold. In this episode, we talk about all of these topics and give away some spoilers. This episode is sponsored by Vaultoro (gold and bitcoin exchange) and Wasabi (privacy-centered BTC wallet). Time stamps: 03:30 – Toxicity and principle 05:30 – The voluntary spirit, purity of intentions and consistency of advocacy among bitcoiners 08:14 – Satoshi Sound’s Bitcoin journey from 2014 and until today 11:30 – The Bitcoin-only story arc of the Bitcoin and Friends show 12:30 – The Bitcoin OG mentality and low-time preference 16:15 – Working for Peter Schiff and why Bitcoin is superior to gold 18:55 – Pricing bitcoin in gold? 25:00 – Can Bitcoin ETFs suppress the price? 31:57 – Gold custody vs BTC custody 33:00 – Turning Shamir shares into BIP39 backups for extra security 35:44 – Multisig in the era of travel restrictions and lockdowns 38:01 – The drawbacks of Shamir Secret Sharing and custodial multisigs 41:30 – Shamir on top of multisig keys? 45:10 – Bitcoin and Friends collaborating with Cobra? 48:04 – Lessons learned from producing the first season of Bitcoin and Friends 53:35 – Did Satoshi Sound do any voices in the Bitcoin and Friends show? 55:29 – Extra characters being written into the show 59:10 – Who is the villain in Bitcoin and Friends? 01:02:20 – Slight spoiler about the Mitalik character 01:05:20 – Mining BTC with a Butterfly Labs ASIC and GPUs back in 2013 01:07:15 – Mining Bitcoin with wasted natural gas (Permian Mining) 01:11:50 – How can you follow Satoshi Sound?

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