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S6 E9: Jonas Nick, Peter Todd & Alekos Filini on Bitcoin Development


In this Paralelni Polis 2020 interview, Jonas Nick from Blockstream, Peter Todd and Alekos Filini talk about Schnorr Signatures, Taproot, NixOS, the Lightning Network, Multisigs, CoinJoins, and everything great happening in Bitcoin development.

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S6 E8: Pavol Luptak on Paralelni Polis Hackers Congress


Pavol Luptak is an ethical hacker and cryptoanarchist who has been involved in the Bitcoin space since 2010. In this episode, he talks about the upcoming Paralelni Polis conference and tells stories about his experience with organizing HCPP.

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S6 E7: Jarret Dyrbye (JD2983) on Lightning Network Development, Sparkshot & Socket Money


Jarret Dyrbye (known on Twitter as JD2983) first rose to Bitcoin prominence as the developer of But after the Lightning Network launched, he started working on interesting Lapps such as Sparkshot & Socket Money.

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S6 E6: Max Hillebrand on Bitcoin Privacy Advocacy & Wasabi Wallet


Max Hillebrand has really left his mark in the Bitcoin space by actively financing initiatives to increase the currency's privacy and by his direct contributions to Wasabi Wallet. In this interview, he talks about his work & aspirations.

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S6 E5: Stadicus on Full Nodes, BitBox02 & MultiSig Setups


Stadicus is a hero of individual sovereignty: he became known in the Bitcoin space for his RaspiBolt guides to run a full Bitcoin and Lightning node, and he also works for ShiftCrypto trying to push the boundaries of privacy and security.

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S6 E4: Justin Wales on Law, Taxes & Bitcoin as Free Speech


Justin Wales is a pioneer in the field of Bitcoin law: not only that he works with Carlton Fields clients who are deal with Bitcoin, but he also advocates for the Bitcoin network's status as a free speech medium.

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S6 E3: Luis Ploennig on Bitcoin in South America & Indacoin


Luis Ploennig is the growth director of Indacoin – a company which focuses on spreading Bitcoin adoption in places whose fiat currencies are more volatile than BTC. We talk about the different standards & how BTC is perceived by those who need it the most

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S6 E2: Crypto Coder Bob on Sovereignty and Bingo Cards


Crypto Coder Bob is best known in the Bitcoin community for helping others become first class citizens by running full nodes, but also his recent Dave Portnoy-related memes which culminated with the creation of a creative bingo card.

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S6 E1: Konikko Trader on Bitcoin in Russia & Trading while HODLing


Konikko Trader first rose to Bitcoin prominence after writing an article titled "Guide to Soviet Past" in the magazine Citadel21. In this episode he talks about life in Russia, democracy, capitalism & trading Bitcoin.

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S5 E10: Arthur van Pelt on Craig Wright


For years, Arthur van Pelt has been gathering evidence to prove that Craig Wright's claims are backed by forgeries and false statements. In this episode, the Dutchman explains how and why he does it.

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