Real interviews for real bitcoiners.

Warning: this show contains critical thinking and real conversations with real bitcoiners. Both the host and the guests are not afraid of being critical, they constantly express the unpopular opinions that others don't even dare to utter, but in the end still conclude that Bitcoin is still the best money system humanity has ever had. It's going to take over the world, but we must ensure we use all the best practices of sovereignty and self custody. If you do proceed in spite of this warning, you will have a lot to learn from genuine people who use Bitcoin all around the world. While Bitcoin's financial, social and political takeover happens, you can learn more about it on the Bitcoin Takeover Podcast!

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Season 3

S3 E11: JScrilla on his Bitcoin Hip Hop Album (Sound Money)


On April 14th 2020, JScrilla releases "Sound Money" – an independent hip hop album which tells the story of Bitcoin by using various voices of famous people who spoke about internet money over the past decade. This interview reveals more details.

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S3 E10: Christian CK on Shitcoins and Sovereignty


Christian CK, co-host of the POV Crypto Podcast, talks about the purpose of shitcoins and why individual sovereignty matters.

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S3 E9: Ragnar Lifthasir on Bitcoin and Mental Health


Long-time bitcoiner Ragnar Lifthasir talks about onboarding the Lightning Network, how, when and why he got into Bitcoin, and some mental issues that Bitcoin may fix.

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S3 E8: American HODL on 6.15 BTC & Eternal Riches


Prominent sat stacker American HODL talks about his eternal riches, the life lessons he's learned along the way, and why he's so bullish on Bitcoin. He also does a lengthy Q&A and stacks 3 million sats.

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S3 E7: Colin Harper on Bitcoin Journalism and Marxism


Bitcoin Magazine journalist Colin Harper talks about his experience in the space, how he started out as a shitcoiner, and why he thinks left-wing individuals should also be involved in Bitcoin.

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S3 E6: Gigi on Bitcoin as a Living Organism


Austrian Bitcoiner Gigi talks about his understanding of economics, why he agrees with Ralph Merkle's theory that Bitcoin is a living organism, and the reasons why he's optimistic about BTC's future.

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S3 E5: TruthRaider on Paul Le Roux and Bitcoin in Turkey


American bitcoiner TruthRaider talks about his hypothesis regarding Satoshi Nakamoto's identity, which involves Paul Le Roux. Also, he talks about Bitcoin adoption worldwide and the situation in Turkey.

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S3 E4: Carlos Roldan on Satoshi's Games and Lightning


Carlos Roldan is the lead developer of Lightning-powered video game platform Satoshi's Games. In this interview, he talks about his project.

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S3 E3: Dan Hannum from Wall Street to Bitcoin


Dan Hannum used to work for Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs. But once he fell down the rabbit hole, he went full-time Bitcoin with his life and business.

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S3 E2: Jeremy on Bitcoin & American Patriotism


Jeremy considers himself to be a real American and a patriot who defends the US Constitution. He firmly believes that Bitcoin is one of the means which allow him to follow the vision of the Founding Fathers.

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