Real interviews for real bitcoiners.

Warning: this show contains critical thinking and real conversations with real bitcoiners. Both the host and the guests are not afraid of being critical, they constantly express the unpopular opinions that others don't even dare to utter, but in the end still conclude that Bitcoin is still the best money system humanity has ever had. It's going to take over the world, but we must ensure we use all the best practices of sovereignty and self custody. If you do proceed in spite of this warning, you will have a lot to learn from genuine people who use Bitcoin all around the world. While Bitcoin's financial, social and political takeover happens, you can learn more about it on the Bitcoin Takeover Podcast!

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Season 9

S9 E11: Satoshi Sound on the Bitcoin & Friends Show


Satoshi Sound is a co-producer of the Bitcoin & Friends animated show. Having joined the Bitcoin space in 2013, he is also involved in mining and has a background in gold. In this episode, we talk about all of these topics and give away some spoilers.

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S9 E10: David St-Onge on Bitcoin Books


When he began researching Bitcoin, David St-Onge decided to purchase and read some of the most popular books on the topic. In this interview, he rates the one that he liked the most and makes recommendations about where you should begin your journey.

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S9 E9: Max Hillebrand on Praxeology, Human Action & El Salvador


For most of his life, Max Hilleband has been an avid reader of Austrian Economics. So when the El Salvador bitcoin adoption as legal tender was announced, he couldn't help but express his perspective on the praxeological & human action implications.

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S9 E8: Kenichi Kurimoto & Hitomi Moriyama on Nayuta, Bitcoin & Lightning


In this episode, Kenichi Kurimoto & Hitomi Moriyama talk about the useful Bitcoin Lightning tools that Nayuta builds, and also comment on contemporary issues which range from monetary inflation in Japan to Bitcoin nodes and layer 3 applications.

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S9 E7: Knut Svanholm on Sovereignty and Bitcoin in El Salvador


While most Bitcoin podcast interviews feature people who agree on almost every topic, this discussion with Knut Svanholm feels much more like a debate where we have opposing views. We talk about El Salvador, the state of sovereignty & why BTC is bullish.

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S9 E1: Chris DeRose on the Philosophy of Demoralization (Remastered Audio)


Thanks to the marvels of digital audio editing, I present you the uncompromising version of my interview with Chris DeRose. The sound quality is better & I've also restored some previously lost parts of our dialogue. Bitcoin Uncensored fans will love it!

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S9 E6: Ben Arc on Anarchism's Left Wing Origins


Ben Arc likes to call himself an anarchist. Yet unlike most bitcoiners, he doesn't subscribe to the anarcho-capitalist school of thought. Instead, he belongs to the original Proudhon left-wing tradition and Hegelian dialectics.

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S9 E5: Matt Hill on the Philosophy of Sovereignty


Start9 Labs CEO Matt Hill explains why it's important to manage your entire digital sovereignty with simple yet powerful open source software. Embassy OS, a Raspberry Pi operating system, offers a Bitcoin & Lightning node, plus other useful applications.

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S9 E4: Paul Sztorc on the Philosophy of BIP 300 & Prediction Markets


In his attempt to create prediction markets to fix our democracies, Paul Sztorc has decided to also spend some time trying to expand Bitcoin's sidechain layers with his BIP 300 Drivechain proposal. In this episode, he explains how & why he wants to do it.

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S9 E3: Joshua Scigala on the Philosophy of Anarcho-Capitalism


What is anarcho-capitalism? Is it really an evil corporate environment? Who builds the roads and how will people resolve disputes in the absence of a central government? Joshua Scigala imagines a world that's based on peace & free markets.

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