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S3 E2: Jeremy on Bitcoin & American Patriotism


Jeremy considers himself to be a real American and a patriot who defends the US Constitution. He firmly believes that Bitcoin is one of the means which allow him to follow the vision of the Founding Fathers.

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S3 E1: Shaitan Ioton on Bitcoin Philosophy & Influencers


Shaitan Ioton has been an observer of the Bitcoin phenomenon since 2009 and has seen the rise and fall of many narratives and influencers. This episode balances storytelling with pure mean and toxic gossip.

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S2 Bonus: Unpopular Opinions with Chris DeRose


Chris DeRose has established himself as the Diogenes of the Bitcoin community. In this episode, he talks about everything that he likes and dislikes about Bitcoin.

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S2 E11: Brent Philbin on Bitcoin-only Events and Podcasts


This is a crossover episode with Brent Philbin of Crypto Basic. Listen to us talk about SXSW 2019 not really focusing on Bitcoin, the state of BTC adoption, and doing podcasts in the space.

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S2 E10: R.L. Bryer (Pittsburgh HODLR) on Bitcoin and Austrian Economics


American bitcoiner R.L.Bryer talks about his love for Austrian economics, his advocacy for Ron Paul, and the reasons why he believes in Bitcoin.

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S2 E9: Fartface 2000 on #LNTrustChain and Investments in BTC


Jim, best known on Twitter as Fartface 2000, talks about being the second recipient of the Lightning torch and shares some of his experiences in the field of economics and investing.

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S2 E8: Giacomo Zucco on Bitcoin-only events, The B & Neutrino


Italian Bitcoin maximalist Giacomo Zucco talks about the industry shift from "blockchain" to Bitcoin-only, the flaws of Neutrino, and The B.

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S2 E7: Sasquatch Muscle on Going from Shitcoiner to Bitcoin Maximalist


American bitcoiner Sasquatch muscle tells the story of his transformation and how he went from a Binance trader of shitcoiners to a true Bitcoin maximalist.

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S2 E6: Patrick Miller on Bitcoin, Sovereignty, and Responsibility


In this episode, bitcoiner Patrick Miller talks about the elements that make Bitcoin unique and legit, and makes comparisons with some other projects like Ethereum, Litecoin, and Tron. Also, watch out for political topics!

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S2 E5: Karo Zagorus on Bitcoin in Hungary and the Sociology of BTC


Hungarian Bitcoiner Karo Zagorus, who is also a member of the Bitcoin Plebs movement, talks about the situation of Bitcoin in Hungary and his academic research in the sociological aspects of Satoshi Nakamoto's invention.

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