Bitcoin and Pokemon?! (NEW VIDEO)

Today I have recorded and released a new video, which I titled “Bitcoin and Pokemon?!”. It’s available on YouTube, it contains lots of funny references and I’m sure that you will have a fun time watching it (watch out for a CSW and Farfetch’d joke).

Full Transcript

So Bitcoin and Pokemon, eh? As you’re watching this, you’re definitely assuming that I’ve gone crazy and have no topics to talk about – but don’t worry about it, I have plenty of plans for upcoming videos and they won’t be rooted in a Japanese animes from the 90s.

But speaking of Japanese, what’s the name of the guy who created Pokemon? That’s right, Satoshi Tajiri. And what’s the name of the leading character of the Pokemon anime? That’s right, Ash Ketchum – except that his name in Japan is actually Satoshi.

Hold up a minute, does this mean what I think it does? Satoshi Nakamoto, Satoshi Tajiri. Digital money, digital monsters. 21 million coins on the original chain, 151 Pokemons in the original series. Pokeballs, hardware wallets. Pokedexes, full nodes. Farfetch’d, Craig Wright is Satoshi Nakamoto. Exeggcute, eggs are pee.

There is definitely a connection there. And if you look at the design of the original Pokemon game on the GameBoy, you will notice that players were encouraged to trade Pokemons using the Game Link Cable. You can’t make this stuff up: kids of the late 1990s were connecting their GameBoys to create a peer to peer network and transfer rare digital assets.

You know, kind of like today’s cool kids who join a global peer to peer network and then download a client which allows them to transact value across borders in a permissionless, uncensorable, and verifiably secure way.

Bitcoin is a lot like Pokemon, and the two universes definitely have a lot in common. So someone who was into Pokemon in the late 1990s and early 2000s will definitely find it easier to learn about Bitcoin, as the core principles (no pun intended) are already there.

Even Jason Paige, the guy who sings the Pokemon theme song in English has recorded an adaptation of the theme song which is about Bitcoin. So if even he’s seeing a connection here, then I don’t know what else to say. I’m not making this up, here’s a sample and check the description for the full song.

And if you think that there are no resources to go more into depth, then you should know that I’ve written two articles about it: one for the Bitcoin Takeover website, which also describes certain aspects about Bitcoin in Pokemon terms, and the other one is on the Trezor blog and explains why hardware wallets are a lot like Pokeballs.

Share this with a friend who is a Pokemon fan and let’s travel across the land, searching far and wide, teach Pokemon fans to understand the power that’s inside Bitcoin.

Until next time, get on the Bitcoin Takeover website to listen to some educational podcasts and read some useful articles such as “Bitcoin Is Not Slow, It’s Highly Secure”.

Don’t forget to like and subscribe. And in the comments, tell me which Pokemon is your favorite and how many bitcoins you think it’s worth. Obviously, mine is Charizard and I think I’d take 1000 BTC for it.

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