Bitcoin Takeover Podcast Season 4 Sponsors

The fourth season of the Bitcoin Takeover Podcast is all about hardware wallet makers and their breakers. It will feature 10 episodes throughout which representatives of the most significant hardware wallet manufacturers will answer tough questions about their products.

Furthermore, some hackers who managed to find vulnerabilities in the hardware wallets will get invited to reveal important details about their methods and recommendations for security.

For sponsorship inquiries, please e-mail bitcointakeover [at] protonmail [dot] com.

Season 4 is the first to feature show sponsors. In order of appearance, they are:

  1. LXMI – Regulated European Bitcoin exchange which also enables trading with top altcoins and significant fiat currencies. LXMI follows the “not your keys, not your bitcoins philosophy” by using a non-custodial wallet which empowers users to be sovereign.
  2. Bottle Pay – Premium Lightning Network service which enables users to make payments across multiple social platforms (YouTube, Twitter, Discord, GitHub, Instagram & more), while also functioning as a Lightning wallet.

LXMI Ad Text (as heard during the Season 4 intro)

LXMI is a European Cryptocurrency exchange whose name is inspired by Lakshmi, the Hindu Goddess of Wealth, Good Fortune and Prosperity. It’s one of the regulated and legal Cryptocurrency exchange.

On LXMI you can buy bitcoins with most fiat currencies and you can also do the trading for top Altcoins. 

They follow the “Not your keys not your bitcoins” philosophy with their integrated non-custodial wallet which helps you manage your own private keys. So if you’re into trading, then you don’t have to worry about having your Crypto frozen by whatever political decisions, since you’re empowered to hold and move your coins around whenever you wish. 

It’s great to have new players like LXMI that respect your financial sovereignty.

LXMI is launching in 2020 for more information please check out – www.LXMI.IO/

If you’re not trading, it’s recommended to move your coins to a hardware wallet or some other form of cold storage, and in this episode, you’re about to find why.

Please keep in mind that this is just an ad for a sponsor of this show. It’s not meant to serve as financial advice, and you’re responsible to do your own research before buying anything and act according to your own decisions. Embrace your financial sovereignty with agency and precaution.

Bottle Pay Ad Text (as heard during the Season 4 intro)

Hey you! Looking for the simplest way to get started sending satoshis on the Lightning Network? Tired of long new account creation processes that ask you for too much personal information?

Then sign up with your social account on Bottle Pay now.

Bottle Pay is your premium Lightning service for unfairly cheap and effortless bitcoin payments. It is powerful enough to offer all of the payment features you need, while also being simple enough for no-coiners to understand.

No more confusion and headaches! Send satoshis instantly to anyone on a supported social network in a couple of clicks.

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