Bitcoin Takeover Radio: Music-Only Edition for the Weekend

When I first started streaming the Bitcoin Takeover Radio on YouTube and Twitch, I have received lots of requests to add more music to the playlists. And even though I made sure to add songs in between podcast recordings, it was never enough to please everyone.

In order to bring these artistic works into the spotlight, I’ve decided to create a music-only playlist for the weekend. It includes witty, thought-provoking and relaxing content that will help you HODL or trade. And even if you want to get detached from the market volatility, the lyrics will help you rediscover your conviction and bullishness.

To improve the audio, I’ve also employed some mastering techniques that can be heard in Ocean Way recordings. Though it’s time-consuming, it’s always fun to play with audio plug-ins and discover how they add extra qualities to the sound. I really hope that you’re going to enjoy the end result – and if you do, please subscribe to the YouTube and Twitch channels, leave likes and comments, and collect the bits from Vaultoro.

And if you’d like to make a donation, check out the mainchain QR code and the LNBits address. The amounts you donate will be distributed evenly among artists by using the Lightning Network.

Without further ado, here are the songs and artists that you can hear during this exclusive Bitcoin Takeover Radio Stream:

  1. Intro
  2. Czino – Bitdrops (SoundCloud)
  3. Payday (Richard La Remix)
  4. Richard La – Pump It Up (YouTube)
  5. DJ J Scrilla – Faith in my Money (Money Printer Go BRRR) (YouTube)
  6. Phil Gibson – End the Fed (Twitter)
  7. Crypto Contagion – Bitcoin Song (YouTube)
  8. Renegade Investor – Bankster’s Paradise (YouTube)
  9. Vlad Costea – Always Learning (About Bitcoin) (SoundCloud)
  10. Zhou Tonged – B.R.E.A.M. (YouTube)
  11. Lord Snooty of Bitcoin – BTCTKNVR Podcast (Twitter)
  12. CryptoRaptor – The Crypto Rap (YouTube)
  13. Pleb Music – New Technology (Max Keiser vs Peter Schiff)
  14. Pleb Music – Jack Mallers Stacking Sats (YouTube)
  15. Vlad Costea – Bulls vs Bears
  16. Vlad Costea – To The Moon
  17. Wasabi Wallet Song (YouTube)
  18. Guywithafork – Bullish Man (SoundCloud)

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Last but not least, I gotta give a shoutout to Jack Everitt from THNDR Games. He has created Bitcoin Bounce and Turbo84, two mobile games that you can get for free on both Android and iOS and which use Lightning Network payments to reward you for your high scores. If you want to get started with Lightning, playing these two games is the easiest way to collect some rewards. Read more about how the Lightning Network works.

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