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Bitcoin Takeover Radio #3: Fresh Podcasts, New Music

Another week has passed and more original Bitcoin content has been created. This playlist gathers some of the finest works and puts them together in a 17-hour playlist which covers lots of new information that you can learn about Bitcoin, security, free open source software, and more.

The podcasters whom you can hear this week are Car Gonzalez (Thriller Premium), Coinicarus (Fun with Bitcoin), Karo Zagorus (Bitcoin Rehab), Valeriya Georgieva (Shoes in Bitcoin), Fulmo Jeff (Potzblitz), David Bennet (Bitcoin And…), Guy Swann (Bitcoin Audible), DeFBeD (Talking in Bits), Phil Gibson (A Boy Named Pseu Podcast), Max Hillebrand (Join the Wasabikas), and myself (Bitcoin Takeover).

Just like in the previous stream, I’ve saved two exclusive episodes that you can’t hear anywhere else: BTCTKVR S8 E11 featuring Specter Wallet’s Stepan Snigirev, as well as a special episode of BTCTKVR S8 which features Max Hillebrand. Both of them will get uploaded on Spotify and Apple Podcasts soon, but benefit from a limited-time exclusivity for this stream. This is mean to offer an extra incentive to listen to the radio broadcast.

In terms of music, we have Czino, Richard, DJ J Scrilla, Phil Gibson, Crypto Contagion, Renegade Investor, Zhou Tonged, Lord Snooty of Bitcoin, CryptoRaptor, Pleb Music, and myself (Vlad Costea). This time around I’ve separated the music from the podcasts, so they have two different sections. No more music in between episodes, so you get the most educational content.

The stream is sponsored by Vaultoro and BitBox02. Listen to the audio ads to find out more about how you can win 10 bits/1000 sats on the Lightning Network and how you can get a 5% discount on your Swiss-made hardware wallet purchase.

If you want to make your first bits on the Lightning Network playing video games, then check out Bitcoin Bounce and Turbo 84 by THNDR Games: they’re available on both iOS and Android, they’re fun, and they will reward your skills with hard money.

Here’s the complete playlist, in order of appearance:

The podcast section:

  1. BTCTKVR S8 E11, feat. Stepan Snigirev (Specter Wallet + DIY)
  2. Thriller Insider S4 E20, Consensus 2021 Day 2 Recap
  3. Coinicarus’ Fun with Bitcoin, S4 E5, feat. Der Gigi
  4. Karo ZagorusBitcoin Rehab, feat. David Molnar
  5. Valeriya Georgieva’s Shoes in Bitcoin, feat. Mario Gibney
  6. Fulmo’s Potzblitz, feat. Christian Decker and Michael Folkson
  7. David Bennet’s Bitcoin and… Ep. 428, “FUD Busters”
  8. Guy Swann’s Bitcoin Audible, The Bullish Case for Bitcoin, Vijay Boyapati
  9. DeFBeD’s Talking in Bits, E21 “What the FUD?
  10. A Boy Named Pseu Podcast, feat. Lyn Alden
  11. Bitcoin Takeover Podcast Special with Max Hillebrand
  12. Wasabi Wallet Podcast 10.0, Join the Wasabikas, feat. Peter Todd

The music section:

  1. Czino – Bitdrops
  2. Payday (Richard Remix)
  3. Richard – Pump It Up
  4. DJ J Scrilla – Faith in my Money (Money Printer Go BRRR)
  5. Phil Gibson – End the Fed
  6. Crypto Contagion – Bitcoin Song
  7. Renegade Investor – Bankster’s Paradise
  8. Vlad Costea – Always Learning (About Bitcoin)
  9. Zhou Tonged – B.R.E.A.M.
  10. Lord Snooty of Bitcoin – BTCTKNVR Podcast
  11. CryptoRaptor – The Crypto Rap
  12. Pleb Music – New Technology (Max Keiser vs Peter Schiff)
  13. Pleb Music – Jack Mallers Stacking Sats
  14. Vlad Costea – Bulls vs Bears
  15. Vlad Costea – To The Moon
  16. Wasabi Wallet Song
  17. Guywithafork – A Bullish Man

Click here to find all the links to the songs and the artists’ YouTube, SoundCloud, and Twitter pages.

Total playtime: 17:32:40

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I'm here for the freedom, censorship-resistance, and unconfiscatability. What about you?

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