Bitcoin Takeover Radio #4: Listen, Learn & Earn

Bitcoin Takeover Radio returns with fresh podcasts, remixed music, and new opportunities for you to learn and earn. This edition also has an exclusive episode that you can only hear on the broadcast for a few days: Bitcoin Takeover S8 E12 with Lixin Liu of KeyStone, the episode which wraps up this annual exploration of the hardware wallet market.

But there’s a lot more to the playlist: more shows, more topics, and a lot of Bitcoin-only knowledge for which you need about 14 hours of listening. If you want to learn more about the development of the Lightning Network, you gotta listen to Max Hillebrand‘s interview with Rusty Russell on the Join the Wasabikas show.

If you’d like to listen to a show in Spanish and hear more about the situation with Bitcoin adoption in El Salvador, then you have an exclusive episode with Javier Bastardo of Satoshi en Venezuela. It’s the first time in the brief history of this radio stream when an episode in Spanish gets added, and hopefully there will be many more: not only that the Spanish-speaking community can join in, but the rest of the world can also exercise the Spanish they’ve learned.

Next up, we have episode 24 of Talking in Bits. This time around, the conversation revolves around El Salvador and the FUD that the FBI has created when they announced they broke into the hackers’ wallets (they’ve actually accessed a hosted server which stored the keys). It’s an interesting conversation which is structured as a debate and you will certainly enjoy catching up with the latest news.

Then there’s Thriller Premium S4 E21 by Car Gonzalez: a 49-minute coverage of Consensus’ panels on Bitcoin regulations and ETFs. As always, Car curates the most interesting and relevant segments in order to present a comprehensive and easily-digestible story which helps you get rid of the effort of watching entire events.

In the next show, we have Shoes in Bitcoin by Valeriya Georgieva. Throughout this 95-minute interview, the Bulgarian version of Cruella de Ville interviews Blockstream’s Valerio Vaccaro. The conversation explores the fascinating world of HD (hierarchical deterministic) wallets, as described by the BIP 32 standard. They also talk about BIP 39 wallets (the ones with 12/24 seed phrases or mnemonics), entropy sources, and Shamir backups.

After Shoes in Bitcoin, there’s an hour-long musical intermission – basically the same playlist that you’ve heard in the previous radio stream, but remixed by British producer Guywithafork to boost the low end and make the music sound bigger and crisper. If you haven’t already, then follow Guywithafork on Twitter and listen to his song “A Bullish Man” on Soundcloud.

Next up, Coinicarus interviews Pirate Beachbum for the second time on the Fun with Bitcoin Show. It’s a pretty philosophical and somewhat motivational conversation which can ultimately get described as an inquiry on authenticity. How should you manage your personal security? Who are really your friends and who can you trust? Is money really going to make you a happier person? These are some of the inquiries that all bitcoiners should make at an early point of their journey, and you can hear an expanded debate on the show.

The ninth podcast of this stream is also the lengthiest: S9 E1 with Chris DeRose. This three and a half hour conversation revolves around the idea of reaching decentralization and living in a demoralizing world which strips us of agency and fills us with unnecessary anguish and desolation. It sounds gloomy, but the conversation has some of its own amusing moments and manages to explore a few topics that bitcoiners tend to avoid. If you haven’t already, then you should definitely check it out.

Lucky number ten is David Bennet’s Bitcoin and… show, and it’s basically a rant about regulators and their ridiculous claims and demands. There’s a lot of truth in what David says and there is also a little bit of entertainment value, so you gotta listen to this one. They can’t possibly regulate math, operating a computer, and sending internet data from one peer to the other. And yet they always come with unrealistic demands and expectations… to the point that it’s no longer a matter of safety, but more of a control abuse.

Then we Guy Swann‘s Bitcoin Audible, as he reads about the role of energy in the Bitcoin network and explains why electricity is a small price to pay for a peaceful and voluntary transition to sound money. It’s a pretty balanced and reasonable analysis in relation to human rights and the way we currently understand money and value.

Last but not least, we have Phil Gibson on the A Boy Named Pseu podcast. His guest is Deniz Saat, the leader of the 58k gang who works as an IT specialist and technical writer. The conversation revolves around the effects of bitcoin as a currency on daily life, as from discovery to mastery there are noticeable changes that occur in terms of consumption patterns, patience, and time preference. Join the 58k gang 4 lyf by following Deniz Saat on Twitter.

Oh, you thought this is it? To wrap up everything, there’s more music. It’s not a different playlist, so you still listen to Guywithafork’s mix – but it should serve as a rewarding mental break which helps you reflect on the new information you’ve just learned. Congratulations, you’ve made it through another week of Bitcoin education!

Win 10 bits from Vaultoro at the end of every episode and also win a BitBox02 hardware wallet for yourself and a friend!

As always, at the end of every episode you get the chance to win 10 bits (or 1000 sats) from Vaultoro. Joshua Scigala, the CEO of Vaultoro, is a very big fan of the Lightning Network and he hopes that its development and expansion really takes off to make shitcoin use cases obsolete. So if you go to at the end of every podcast episode on stream and you happen to be the first person scanning the QR code with a mobile wallet like Breez or Blue, then you’re going to win the prize!

And this week we also do a special hardware giveaway: you can win a BitBox02 device directly from ShiftCrypto by following the Bitcoin Takeover Twitter page and answering to one simple question “What will the price of bitcoin be on the 25th of June 2021, 12 PM CET?”.

You’re only allowed to enter the contest 24 hours before the moment of truth, so the competition is fair to everyone in relation to the volatility and the fact that other participants have submitted their answers earlier. If you tag a friend in your post, then both of you will win a Swiss-made hardware wallet. More details here.

And if you don’t win, you can still buy a BitBox02 with a 5% discount by using this referral link.

Full Bitcoin Takeover Radio #4 Playlist

  1. Bitcoin Takeover S8 E12 with Lixin Liu of KeyStone (55m)
  2. Join the Wasabikas (Max Hillebrand) with Rusty Russell (2h 3m)
  3. Satoshi en Venezuela, El Salvador (59m)
  4. Talking in Bits, Episode 23 (1h 12m)
  5. Thriller Premium, S4 E21 (49 m)
  6. Shoes in Bitcoin, Valerio Vaccaro (1h 35m)
  7. Music intermission (59m)
  8. Fun with Bitcoin, Coinicarus, with Pirate Beachbum (1h 13m)
  9. Bitcoin Takeover S9 E1 with Chris DeRose (3h 30m)
  10. Bitcoin And…, David Bennett, The Regulators (1h 8m)
  11. Guy Swann, Bitcoin Mining & the Case for More Energy (1h 16m)
  12. Phil Gibson with Deniz Saat (1h 37m)
  13. Music Intermission (59m)
  14. Go back to 1

You can listen to the broadcast at any time on Twitch, YouTube, and Twitter. So you better start exposing yourself to the randomness of radio and start learning more about Bitcoin. You can also win prizes in the process, so your time investment gets rewarded.

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