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BTCTKVR Radio #7: The Show Must Go On!

After a two-week break (it’s always two weeks in Bitcoin, isn’t it?), it’s time for the Bitcoin Takeover Radio to resume its regular program. And this new playlist features the exact same content producers you know and love, but highlights some of their most recent releases.

For the duration of approximately 20 hours, you can listen to Knut Svanholm talk about sovereignty and El Salvador on the Bitcoin Takeover Podcast, Karo Zagorus interviewing the Wasabi wallet crew on Bitcoin Rehab, Jose Burgos and Ben Mercedes bringing you the news on the 30th episode of Talking in Bits, Max Hillebrand finding out more about overcoming fiat censorship from Bittr’s Ruben Waterman on the Join the Wasabikas Podcast, Coinicarus interviewing Viking HODL on the Fun with Bitcoin Podcast, Car Gonzalez offering insights on the Bitcoin situation in Austin, Texas on the third episode of Thriller Bitcoin, David Bennett discussing with THNDR Games creator Jack Everitt on the Bitcoin and . . . show, Guy Swann reading Lyn Alden’s article on Bitcoin’s energy use for the Bitcoin Audible podcast, Phil Gibson interviewing Aleks Svetski on the A Boy Named Pseu podcast, the Bitrefill guys inquiring about bitcoin adoption in Romania from their guest Felix Crișan, Valeryia Georgieva interviewing Andrew Howard for the Shoes in Bitcoin show, and Javier Bastardo talking with Jesus Leonett about traditional finance and Bitcoin.

As is tradition, you will also find musical intermissions that will help you relax in between learning sessions. The playlist is mixed by Guywithafork and features some of the most talented and prolific musicians in the Bitcoin space. Though some songs are parodies or adaptations, most of them are entirely original.

And speaking of traditions, in between episodes you can still grab some bitcoins via Lightning network. The faucet is sponsored by Vaultoro, as the company’s CEO and co-founder Joshua Scigala is a big fan of LN and really hopes that it will get more traction. To earn your reward for learning, you must follow the instructions in the audio and be the first person to access the link. If you don’t make it at first, you get another chance after the next podcast episode.

You can listen to BTCTKVR Radio on YouTube and Twitch (most recommended).

Here’s the full BTCTKVR Radio #7 playlist, with links to the original shows:

  1. Bitcoin Takeover S9 E7 with Knut Svanholm (link)
  2. Bitcoin Rehab, featuring Wasabi Wallet (link)
  3. Talking in Bits, Ep. 30 (link)
  4. Join the Wasabikas Ep. 25, Overcoming Fiat Censorship with Ruben Waterman (link)
  5. Musical intermission
  6. Fun with Bitcoin, with Viking HODL (link)
  7. Thriller Bitcoin, Ep. 3: How Austin Became the Bitcoin Mecca Capital of Texas (link)
  8. Bitcoin And…, Ep. 328 with Jack Everitt (link)
  9. Bitcoin Audible, Bitcoin’s Energy Use Isn’t a Problem, Here’s Why, a read from Lyn Alden (link)
  10. A Boy Named Pseu, Bitcoin Is Fire! with Aleks Svetski (link)
  11. Musical Intermission
  12. Bitrefill’s To The Moon Podcast, Ep. 19 featuring Felix Crișan (link)
  13. Shoes in Bitcoin, Ep. 24 with Andrew Howard (link)
  14. Satoshi en Venezuela, with Jesus Leonett (link)

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