BTCTurk Is The Turkish Football Federation’s New Sponsor

BTCTurk, “Turkey’s first and the world’s fourth” Bitcoin exchange, is now the official sponsor of the Turkish Footbal Federation. The announcement was made during a live event that took place on August 20th 2020, and this is huge news for Bitcoin in Turkey. Effectively, millions of people who watch matches will be exposed to the BTC branding and have extra reasons to learn more about the cryptocurrency.

According to a brief translation provided by Turkish bitcoiner StackMore.hodl (@1971Bubble), the deal is going to last for two years and will also cover the national team’s participation in the Euro 2020 cup (which was postponed due to the pandemic). This means that hundreds of millions of European football fans will see the Bitcoin branding on the Turkish team’s t-shirts – and the farther they make it into the tournament, the more people will get exposed to the logo and become curious about how Bitcoin works.

Also, StackMore.hodl has pointed out that throughout the conference, it was implied that the Turkish National Team will consider bitcoin payments. Once again, this would be a huge deal if it turns out to be true, and it would probably be the first example of its kind.

Football (which Americans refer to as “soccer”) is the most popular sport in both Turkey and Europe. Though in recent years betting companies have managed to score important sponsorships for teams, it was only a matter of time until the fans got exposed to something that is less like gambling (assuming that the enthusiasts HODL and don’t get into trading) and more empowering for individual freedoms.

Interestingly, the BTCTurk user interface looks a lot like Coinbase‘s and it’s only the Pro version that provides extra trading tools which encourage day trading (much like Coinbase Pro). Hopefully, this visual quirk will encourage more long-term investing and less quick swapping.

It’s also worth mentioning that the basic version of BTCTurk is Bitcoin-only. This means completely eliminates the likeliness of new users being lured by forks such as Bitcoin Cash or questionable projects like Ripple’s XRP. So we shouldn’t be surprised if in the coming years we see more Bitcoin nodes popping out in Turkey.

In the official press release, BTCTurk CEO Özgür Güneri commented: “As BTCTurk, we continue to move forward on our path with the mission of being a pioneering brand in the world. We take great pride in being one of the “Main” supporters of our National Teams at the UEFA European Championship, which will be held in 2021 — the first time the games will be held in an odd-numbered year. […] This year, we continue to contribute to the Turkish sports and football community, and we are very pleased to support our Women’s and Men’s National Teams.

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