Comic Strip: Bitcoin Eating Popcorn #1

I’ve read the news today, oh boy. As it turns out, a bunch of ETH shills have taken over the r/ethereumfraud subreddit. It seems like they want to silence the truth from being told – and as true scammers, they do their best to hide their history and make themselves look good and fair.

Of course, this coverup doesn’t change the facts. Ethereum had a huge premine (somewhere around 60%) and seeks to become an unfair oligarchy via Proof of Stake. The project set a dangerous precedent when it broke immutability during the 2016 DAO fork (aka blockchain rollback which saved the investors’ money) and subjected itself to so-called “governance”. Also, Ethereum Classic is the original project.

And for every good idea, there’s a benevolent dictator who can approve it or shun it. Who would seriously want a money system in which five people in a conference call can make significant changes to the monetary policy?

Also, today it’s hilariously difficult to run a full node. The ETH leaders themselves had to redefine what it means to run a node to make it seem like anyone can still do it. In reality, not even the Ethereum Foundation is running its own node and the project relies on companies like Infura, Geth and Amazon to store every transaction, application, and smart contract.

Yes, I’m a big Ethereum critic and I think its fundamentals are flawed beyond any kind of fixing. I also hate censorship.

But there’s a silver lining to this story. I’ve decided to express my angsty feelings in a more creative way. So thanks to the silencing of r/ethereumfraud, I’ve decided to take a shot at creating a comic strip which reveals some of the ugly truths about the Ethereum project. Basically everything they don’t want you to know, but in a small and easily-comprehensive shape.

While taking a shower, I came up with the “Bitcoin eating popcorn” concept – basically a stoic approach to all the temporary and ephemeral scams going on in the space. I’m also thinking about something related to the dogecoin and Elon Musk situation, and I’m pretty sure that it’s gonna involve popcorn.

I’d like to dedicate this to Blockstream’s Grubles and Leon, the fact checker (I think he was suspended from Twitter, but we miss him). Also, here’s the stuff that the new mods of r/ethereumfraud are trying to destroy.

Hope you’re going to like the 8bit style and historical approach to presenting facts. Bitcoin will always be eating popcorn as scams come and go. Also, it would be really terrible if this comic strip of mine ended up getting posted on r/ethereumfraud like a hundred times until the new mods get mad and ban everyone, wouldn’t it?

Vlad Costea

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