The French Edition of the BTCTKVR Magazine Is Now Open Source!

When I first announced the BTCTKVR magazine in July 2021, I knew that its destiny was to become an open source project. The goal was never to get rich, but to spread knowledge in a graphically-pleasing and topically-diverse way that can impress even the skeptics and can retain the attention of the Tik Tok generation that won’t read an entire book.

Thanks to Grittoshi Moulamoto’s remarkable translations, we were able to collaboratively produce a French edition of the BTCTKVR magazine – basically a collection of the best articles that I wrote in the 2021 and 2022 magazines, put together in an informative format that aims to the Bitcoin-curious minds of French-speaking audiences. Now, two weeks after the introduction of “BTCTKVR Edition Française” at Surfin Bitcoin 2022 in Biarritz, it’s a great pleasure for me to open source the contents on GitHub and on the Bitcoin Takeover website.

Bitcoin Takeover Magazine Edition Française 2022, Surfin Bitcoin, Biarritz, Launch Announcement

As of September 2022, French is the official language is 29 independent nations. In Benin, Burkina Faso, Congo, DR Congo, Ivory Coast, France, Gabon, Guinea, Mali, Monaco, Niger, Senegal, and Togo, French is the first language. It’s also a co-official language in Belgium, Burundi, Cameroon, Canada, Chad, Central African Republic, Comoros, Dijbouti, Equatorial Guinea, Haiti, Luxembourg, Madagascar, Rwanda, Seychelles. Switzerland, and Vanuatu.

Now people from all of these territories have access to a Bitcoin-only magazine that they can read online, download for offline use, modify, print, and even sell for profit. All the incentives are set in place to maximize the spread of education. There are no royalties, commissions, copyrights, or sneaky ways to rent-seek money. You will, however, find some full page advertisements that can be removed or replaced at will. Your only obligation is rather moral and involves citing the source and not claiming credit for somebody else’s work.

If you would like to support the project, there are two main ways of doing it: through donations, or by taking matters into your own hands and printing some magazines for your family members, friends, meet-up colleagues, and/or conference co-attendees. Even if you can’t afford to do either, you can always share the digital files with your friends and spread the word about the BTCTKVR magazine project.

Hope you and your French-speaking peers are going to enjoy this 98-page collection of Bitcoin culture, art, and science. With Eugène Delacroix and Paul Cézanne paintings on the covers, cypherpunk content in the pages, and absolutely punk readers, you’re going to enjoy a few hours of deep learning, good fun, and insightful thoughts. It’s all thanks to the power of open source!

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