GRAY Announces CORAZON: A Fashionable Line of Trezor Hardware Wallets

Trezor hardware wallets have always been fashionable. When the Trezor One became the first Bitcoin hardware wallet to hit the consumer market in July 2014, the devices were available in two different casings: a basic plastic one, as well as a more premium and durable metallic one. In the years that went by, SatoshiLabs (the company behind Trezor) has released many accessories and special editions of their popular hardware wallet.

Even today, you can get silicone cases in 10 different colors, adjustable lanyards in 5 different colors, as well as tasteful leather cases. Much like Air Jordans, Trezor hardware wallets have transcended the realm of practicality by also becoming sought-after collectibles and fashionable items. You can use them to secure your bitcoins, but you can also get limited-edition variants that you can keep in a drawer and show your friends. Or when you’re at the office sending a Bitcoin transaction or confirming your password with U2F, you can also make a fashion statement.

And with the freshly-announced CORAZON aluminium devices, you get the security of a Trezor Model T inside a luxurious and stylish case. SatoshiLabs themselves are collaborating with GRAY (a Singapore-based luxury brand whose trademark aesthetics are futuristic and architectural) to bring to the market this fashionable item. Basically, it’s a fancy Trezor Model T that’s meant to impress your friends and colleagues with its glamorous looks.

However, it all comes at a pretty high price: $599 for the designs with aluminium casings (available in space gray, galactic blue, pulsar red, and galactic purple), and anywhere from $999 to $1999 for the titanium-cased models. The plain titanium CORAZON variant of the Trezor Model T will cost you $999, but if you also want a gold coating on top you should expect to pay $1999 (same for the rose gold version).

It’s worth noting that GRAY also designs iPhone cases, laptop cases, AirPods cases, and iWatch cases. All of their products are aimed at high-earning individuals who want to distinguish themselves with classy designer-made enclosures for their everyday devices. And since the Trezor Model T has become ubiquitous, it was only a matter of time until it received some high-fashion love.

If you want to buy a Trezor Model T from the CORAZON collection (or simply want to check out the offers), go to their website and see what it’s like to send Bitcoin transactions with class.

If you’re like the rest of us and you don’t care about the plastic enclosure because you’re all about functionality, then get a regular Trezor Model T. Use my referral link and I’m going to get a small percentage of your purchase – and the proceedings will support me so I can keep on writing more articles. Unfortunately, I don’t have a referral link for the fashionable CORAZON devices.

And if you’d like to learn more about the invention of the Trezor and its open-source philosophy, listen to this unique interview with SatoshiLabs co-founder and Bitcoin mining pool pioneer Slush.

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