Hall of Patrons

The following people have supported the Bitcoin Takeover project with recurring donations on Patreon or simple one-time Bitcoin transactions. Therefore, they’ve earned their right to get featured in this list.Thanks to their financial contributions, the annual domain renewal and hosting costs get covered.

FF2K, Founder and CEO of BitPiggys & TJF of Bitcoin (follow him on Twitter)



Vegard Loke

Alexandru-Gabriel Gábor

Cr!ptal of cr1ptal.net, “Always Free”


Satoshi’s Witness (@SSatoshiho on Twitter)


Travin Keith

Mike in Space

Mopar Mining


Brent James


The following people have sent donations via Lightning:

Jed Powers, First Class Citizen of the Lightning Network. Follow Jed on Twitter and open a Lightning channel with him: 0256c133d4bc7c0ad9f104855a568718ebf200a0cb35576cf670ab8dcd3999292a@gnnoydrsq5xkeyrruixishubkdczi4767e3bnt6sg3cfqfrhb7vcfmid.onion:9735


If you have also sent a donation outside of Patreon (via BTC addresses or Lightning) and would like to have your contribution mentioned here, please e-mail me and demand your right to be acknowledged on this list.

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