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Bitcoin Takeover

Season 1

Coming Soon!

The first season of the Bitcoin Takeover Podcast will soon get published so you can partake in this inevitable world domination. Stay tuned!

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I'm here for the freedom, censorship-resistance, and unconfiscatability. What about you?

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Bitcoin Exchange rates

1 BTC = 40380.3900 USD
1 BTC = 40334.3100 USDT
1 BTC = 34185.5600 EUR
1 BTC = 28799.5000 GBP
1 BTC = 54569.0900 AUD
1 BTC = 50504.9400 CAD
1 BTC = 4425634.0300 JPY
1 BTC = 256000.0000 CNY
1 BTC = 148438.7800 RON

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