S15 E1: Max Hillebrand & Lando Rothbardian on Wasabi’s New “Buy Anything” Button

With the launch of version 2.0.5, Wasabi wallet now includes a “Buy Anything” button. Though it might sound banal, what it does and the way in which it works is pretty groundbreaking: the button is basically an interface to communicate with a ShopInBit employee and make use of the concierge service. This means that users can spend their CoinJoined bitcoins to buy anything from food to clothes and electronics. ShopInBit also offers a “Travel Hacking” service for the purchase of plane tickets and hotels, and the platform’s most recent addition allows anyone to buy cars with their bitcoin.

Since Wasabi is a privacy wallet, there is also a privacy benefit to using this “Buy Anything” button: the communication happens through a Tor tunnel which conceals your IP address and keeps you away from any kind of trackers that your internet browser might include. So if Facebook, Google, and Amazon are collecting data about your surfing and shopping habits, then you’re safe under the Wasabi wallet interface.

Also, there’s a lot of plausible deniability involved when you pay with bitcoin and it’s also great that you spend from a CoinJoin. Nobody knows where the funds come from and it’s impossible to prove that the person who placed the order is also the individual who paid. ShopInBit also offers a 3% discount for all purchases that use BTC. Download Wasabi wallet today and try this unique feature!

In order to learn more about this integration, I’ve decided to interview the CEOs of the two companies involved: Max Hillebrand (CEO of ZK Snacks) and Lando Rothbardian (CEO of ShopInBit). For Max, this was his 5th appearance on the Bitcoin Takeover podcast – a record that’s going to be hard to break! But Lando is no stranger to the show, as he made his debut in S13 E4 alongside Travin “Tavern” Keith.

It was a pleasure to speak with them and I hope that you will enjoy listening to our conversation!

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This episode’s time stamps:

The integration idea (00:02:43) Max and Lando discuss the brainstorming process and the benefits of integrating ShopInBit into the Wasabi Wallet interface.

Technical capabilities (00:04:29) Lando talks about the technical resources and capabilities that allowed ShopInBit to accommodate the integration.

User experience and privacy considerations (00:05:37) Lando explains how the integration will enhance user experience and privacy in using Bitcoin for purchases.

Privacy and ethics (00:08:31) Max Hillebrand discusses the importance of ethics and privacy in Bitcoin wallets and the benefits of integrating with ShopInBit.

Privacy concerns (00:10:12) Max addresses concerns about privacy and doxing related to the integration and explains the technical architecture to maintain privacy.

Privacy policies and data handling (00:12:11) Lando outlines ShopInBit’s privacy policy and data handling process, emphasizing the pseudonymization of personal data.

Privacy protection (00:16:34) Max highlights the privacy protections provided by Wasabi Wallet and ShopInBit, including the use of Tor for routing and protecting metadata.

Legal perspective on privacy (00:20:05) Lando discusses the legal perspective of privacy and CoinJoin-friendly services, emphasizing the freedom of contract.

Integration fees and business deal (00:23:21) Max explains the affiliation fee structure for the integration and defers to Lando for pricing details.

Affiliate marketing and data sharing (00:24:24) Lando explains the affiliate marketing aspect of the integration and clarifies the data sharing between Wasabi Wallet and Shopping Bit.

Special discounts for integration users (00:26:41) Lando addresses the possibility of offering special discounts for users utilizing the integration, highlighting the premium nature of the service.

Lando’s Concierge Service (00:27:40) Describing the meticulous process of product acquisition and the premium concierge service offered by ShopInBit.

Premium Service Demand and Pricing (00:29:14) Discussing the high demand for the concierge service, price regulation, and scaling the business model.

Data Aggregator for Supplier Integration (00:32:25) Explaining how the concierge service acts as a data aggregator for integrating new suppliers and the potential benefits for customers.

Potential Social Experiment (00:34:40) Highlighting the potential impact of premium service users on the Bitcoin community and the possibility of better prices for bitcoiners.

Transaction Batching Consideration (00:37:40) Using the scalable coordinator for batching ShopInBit transactions to lower fees and enhance privacy.

Future Integrations and Concierge Service (00:42:12) Exploring the possibility of future integrations while emphasizing the unique and powerful nature of the concierge service.

Text-Based Order Placement (00:45:37) Explaining the process of placing orders through a text-based command line interface and the specialized offer received in response.

Two Approaches to Using the Service (00:47:37) The two approaches to using the concierge service: specific requests and problem-solving requests.

Bureaucracy as a Service (00:51:53) Humorously discussing the complexities of importing and shipping products, highlighting the service’s role in navigating bureaucratic challenges.

Importing products and dealing with customs (00:54:28) Max Hillebrand discusses the challenges of importing products from the US and dealing with customs, including the time it takes and potential complications.

Shipping products to different countries (00:55:26) Lando explains the process of shipping products to customers in different countries, including dealing with customs, taxes, and restrictions.

Challenges of delivering to certain countries (00:56:40) The difficulties of delivering to specific countries such as Iran, North Korea, Russia, and Ukraine due to banking and import regulations.

Motivation behind business and nickname (01:00:31) Lando explains the motivation behind his business and the reasoning behind choosing his nickname, Lando Rothbardian.

Simplifying the ShopInBit experience (01:01:36) The convenience and benefits of using ShopInBit to simplify the process of purchasing items from different online stores.

Low return rates and customer behavior (01:03:24) The conversation centers around the low return rates and customer behavior when using ShopInBit, emphasizing the thoughtful approach to purchases.

Expansion of Wasabi’s use cases (01:05:46) The shift in Wasabi’s focus from privacy and cold storage to enabling spending BTC on various purchases, expanding its use cases.

Banking and legal aspects of Bitcoin integration (01:09:26) The discussion covers the banking and legal aspects of accepting Bitcoin payments, including the challenges and distinctions as a non-crypto service provider.

Integration with coinjoin coordinators (01:12:50) The integration of ShopInBit with different CoinJoin coordinators is explained, highlighting the separation between the coordinator and the API call.

Privacy and plausible deniability (01:15:44) The conversation focuses on the privacy implications of making payments with Bitcoin, emphasizing the plausible deniability and proof of delivery.

Premium on privacy and societal impact (01:17:19) We discuss the premium on privacy and convenience when using Bitcoin for purchases, as well as the societal impact of supporting a Bitcoin economy.

The importance of spending (01:20:45) Discussion on the necessity and inevitability of spending money in society, especially with the upcoming central bank digital currencies (CBDCs).

Building a circular economy with Bitcoin (01:21:46) Emphasizing the hope for a decentralized network of smaller stores and independent merchants accepting Bitcoin, promoting a circular economy.

Bitcoin adoption and spending philosophy (01:23:10) Encouraging the progression from HODLing to spending Bitcoin, with a focus on building savings, skills, businesses, and ultimately spending with Bitcoin.

Bitcoin price predictions and pragmatic approach (01:24:14) Discussion on Bitcoin price predictions, pragmatic investment strategies, and the potential impact on personal lifestyle choices.

Bitcoin adoption and lifestyle integration (01:25:06) Illustrating the transition from hodling to spending Bitcoin, including the purchase of luxury items and lifestyle integration using Bitcoin.

Challenges in Bitcoin adoption and merchant acceptance (01:29:06) Highlighting the early stages of Bitcoin adoption, the role of proxy merchants, and the challenges in direct merchant acceptance of Bitcoin.

Future of Bitcoin spending and lifestyle choices (01:30:08) Discussing the potential for direct Bitcoin spending, trade-offs, and the broader journey towards mainstream Bitcoin adoption.

Personal spending preferences and lifestyle aspirations (01:30:33) Sharing personal preferences for purchases, including gaming consoles, video games, and camera lenses, within the context of Bitcoin adoption.

Reflection on spending, accumulation, and lifestyle goals (01:37:36) Reflecting on the balance between accumulating wealth, spending, and the pursuit of meaningful life experiences and community building.

Philosophical perspective on money, wealth, and community (01:41:50) Exploring the philosophical aspects of wealth, community building, and the pursuit of human connections within the context of Bitcoin adoption.

The citadel button (01:46:44) Discussion about the design and implementation of the citadel button for the community.

Max’s quiet moment (01:47:05) Acknowledgment of Max’s uncharacteristic quietness and congratulations to Lando.

Solid brands (01:47:20) Recognition of the solid brands and their potential impact on the future.

Following on social media (01:47:30) Information on how to follow Max Hillebrand and Lando Rothbardian on social media platforms.

Wasabi Wallet availability (01:48:28) Clarification that Wasabi Wallet is not yet available on mobile platforms and the anticipation for its future availability.

ShopInBit integration (01:49:06) Promotion of the Wasabi Wallet integration with Shopping Bit and the buy anything button, along with a recommendation for user experience.

Closing remarks (01:49:57) Thanking the guests for their participation and contribution to the episode.

Revolutionizing Bitcoin Spending: The Wasabi Wallet and ShopInBit Integration

As the host of the Bitcoin Takeover Podcast, I’ve had the pleasure of engaging with some of the most innovative minds in the Bitcoin space. But for the season 15 premiere, I jumped on a call with Max Hillebrand from Wasabi Wallet and Lando Rothbardian (CEO of ShopInBit) to discuss a groundbreaking development that’s set to change how we use Bitcoin in our daily lives. This article is a deep dive into the insights and discussions from this episode, exploring the integration of ShopInBit’s concierge service into Wasabi wallet’s interface, and what it means for the future of Bitcoin transactions.

A Leap Forward for Bitcoin Commerce & Adoption

The integration of Wasabi Wallet with ShopInBit is a game-changer. It allows users to make purchases directly from the Wasabi interface, and pay with CoinJoined bitcoin. This seamless process not only simplifies transactions but also addresses a critical limitation that has long plagued Bitcoin users: the difficulty of using BTC for everyday purchases.

Privacy at the Forefront

Max Hillebrand, representing Wasabi Wallet, shed light on the privacy protections and ethical considerations behind the integration. Wasabi Wallet has always been at the forefront of privacy, and this collaboration with ShopInBit is no exception. The partnership ensures that users can enjoy the benefits of Bitcoin while maintaining their privacy.

Lando Rothbardian from ShopInBit emphasized the strong privacy policy and encryption measures that protect user information. He clarified that ShopInBit operates as a store selling products, not as a crypto service provider – which has significant legal implications.

The Business Model Behind Wasabi Wallet’s Integration

The integration isn’t just about privacy and ease of use; it’s also a smart business move. There is a fee for the affiliation of the service, akin to affiliate marketing – except that the profits are shared fairly. The communication is direct between the Wasabi client user and ShopInBit, thus ensuring transparency and trust.

The Concierge Service: A Premium Experience

ShopInBit’s concierge service, offered through the integration with Wasabi wallet, is a testament to the meticulous attention to detail and legal considerations that go into the purchase process. While there are no discounts, the premium nature of the service is evident in the quality and care provided.

Overcoming Technical and Operational Challenges

The concierge service involves human involvement, data aggregation for future integrations, and the potential for negotiating better deals with suppliers based on customer demand. However, scalability challenges and the impact on the Bitcoin community are also part of the equation.

Wasabi’s scalable coordinator could be used for batching ShopInBit transactions, but this introduces complexities such as transaction batching challenges and currency exchange risk considerations.

Global Reach and Community Building

The service is currently most efficient within the European Union, but with the right resources, there’s potential for fulfilling requests worldwide. This global reach is not just about commerce; it’s about building a community of free people and creating a sense of freedom using Bitcoin as a tool for real free markets.

Technical, Privacy, and Societal Implications

Max Hillebrand highlighted that the integration expands Bitcoin’s use cases beyond just mixing and storing. Privacy should be the default, and Wasabi aims to solve real-world problems for its users. Lando Rothbardian echoed the importance of privacy and the societal impact of a Bitcoin-based economy.

Hodling vs. Spending: The Circular Economy

The concept of hodling versus spending was a focal point of our discussion. Building a circular economy where Bitcoin is not just saved but also spent and bought back is crucial. We pondered on Bitcoin’s potential to reach new price milestones and what that means for individual purchasing power.

Beyond Financial Freedom

The conversation also touched on the deeper purpose of money and wealth. Accumulating wealth is not an end in itself; it’s about building a community and finding human connections. Bitcoin offers the potential to live a meaningful life without being tied to traditional financial systems.

Engage with the Innovators

As our discussion wrapped up, Max Hillebrand invited listeners to try out Wasabi and provide feedback, while Lando Rothbardian encouraged engagement with the new “Buy Anything” button and the concierge service.


The integration between Wasabi Wallet and ShopInBit is more than just a technical achievement; it’s a step towards a future where Bitcoin is not just an investment but a currency for everyday life. It’s about privacy, freedom, and the creation of a new monetary standard. As we continue to explore the possibilities of Bitcoin, this integration stands as a beacon of innovation and a sign of what’s to come.

Thank you for joining me on this journey through the Bitcoin Takeover Podcast. Stay tuned for more insights and discussions that push the boundaries of what’s possible with Bitcoin. Season 15 is only getting started!

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