Now Live: Bitcoin Takeover Podcast Season 7!

After two weeks of intensive scheduling and recording, followed by another week of searching for sponsors and producing the content, season 7 of the Bitcoin Takeover Podcast is finally live. As promised, the 17+ hours of free content are available on Christmas day as a gift to bitcoiners and enthusiasts worldwide.

You can now listen to all the episodes on Apple Podcasts and Spotify. After writing this article, I will also do a YouTube livestream which runs a marathon of all 10 episodes. The video will remain online, so anyone who doesn’t catch the live event can still enjoy the insightful information.

The premise of season 7 is very simple: let’s take bitcoiners and ask them questions that are not related to Bitcoin. This way, we can talk about hobbies and reveal a lesser-known side of these individuals. The unique result is meant to humanize everyone involved, as we often tend to talk about Bitcoin, but rarely express opinions on topics that we also find interesting.

Before presenting the episode guide, I would like to thank Vaultoro and Trezor for accepting to sponsor the season. Also, special thanks to Yegor Petrov for designing the template which I used for this season’s graphics.

Here’s what you need to know about every episode of BTCTKVR season 7:

S7 E1 – Stephen Chow on Art, Patronage & Video Games: Stephen talks about his biggest hobby: supporting living artists and funding them so they can produce their true masterpieces. Also, as a video game fan who has spent way too many hours playing titles such as Diablo, he explains how in-game mechanics imitate life. Follow Stephen on Twitter!

S7 E2 – Colin Aulds on Video Games, USSR History & VR: Colin Aulds describes himself as a classical liberal who puts humanism over profit-making. As the CEO of Billfodl (a company which he created with his brother Bryan) and 25% of the Unhashed Podcast, he often keeps himself busy with matters which concern Bitcoin and privacy. But in his spare time, he is very much into video games and cutting-edge tech such as virtual reality. Also, he enjoys watching documentaries about the USSR and is responsible for introducing me to Bald & Bankrupt’s YouTube adventures. Follow Colin on Twitter!

S7 E3 – Joshua Scigala on Gold, Philosophy & Ethics: On a scale which goes from Peter Schiff to Barry Silbert, Vaultoro CEO Joshua Scigala finds himself in an interesting middle position. While he has been a fan of gold and silver for most of his life, Joshua has also gotten involved in Bitcoin since the early days and sees the complimentary value of hard money. But in this episode, we talk about the human issues that no form of money is going to solve and the need for philosophy and ethics. Follow Joshua on Twitter!

S7 E4 – Mario Gibney on Psychedelics, Video Games & Addiction: Interestingly, Mario Gibney finds video games a lot more addictive than psychedelics such as mushrooms. Also, he is interested in the medical uses of these substances and is an advocate for their decriminalization. And now that I’ve had him on, I can proudly say that 3/4 of the Unhashed Podcast has joined my show. Follow Mario Gibney on Twitter!

S7 E5 – SpaceBull on Art, Women & The Motorola RAZR Flip Phone: SpaceBull is the creative director of Canadian exchange Bull Bitcoin, but he also enjoys crafting art pieces and merchandise. In this episode, he talks about how he takes inspiration from the voluptuous beauty of women and why he’s in love with flip phones such as the Motorola RAZR. Follow SpaceBull on Twitter!

S7 E6 – Car Golzalez on Podcasting, Music & Integrity: As the host of the Thriller Crypto Podcast, Car Gonzalez often finds himself doing intensive research on Bitcoin-related businesses and products. But in his spare time, he very much enjoys listening to underappreciated Dylan albums and great records of the 1970s. In this episode, we talk about everything from the CoinMine to the significance of Bob Dylan’s “Blood On The Tracks”. Follow Car on Twitter!

S7 E7 – John Carvalho on Music, Art & Video Games: When he doesn’t act as the Lightning Network business developer that nobody asked for, John Carvalho is quite a music buff and a man who enjoys creative activities. He’s also been a video gamer for a long time, so in this episode you’re really in for a geeky treat. Follow John on Twitter!

S7 E8 – Charlie Lee on Video Games, Star Wars & Investing: Most people know Charlie Lee as the creator of Litecoin and an investor in some Bitcoin companies (Lightning Labs, Bitrefill, Casa & more). But Charlie is also a big fan of video games who started immersing himself in the world of interactive pixelated experiences at an early age and never really stopped. We talk about everything from Cyberpunk 2077 to Super Mario Bros, and then switch to Star Wars. Follow Charlie on Twitter!

S7 E9 – Koleya Karringten on Designing Combustion Heating Systems: Koleya Karringten is an overachieving engineer who found success as a designer of combustion hearing systems for aviation and construction. Though bitcoiners mostly know her as the executive director of the Canadian Blockchain Consortium, her main gig and fascinations are quite jaw-dropping. Follow Koleya on Twitter!

S7 E10 – Hodlonaut and Katia on Cats, Music & Films: Hodlonaut and Katia form one of the most popular and industrious couples in the Bitcoin space. And when they’re not hard at work for their Citadel21 zine project, they enjoy petting cats, listening to music, and watching classic films. In this episode, we talk about all of these hobbies and insert random jokes about the forms of entertainment that we like the most. Follow Hodlonaut and Katia on Twitter!

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The winners will be selected on December 31st 2020, so everyone gets enough time to listen to the episodes and find the correct answers. Good luck!

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