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Bitcoin Takeover


My copy of Citadel21 has finally arrived. Only 1000 were ever printed, so I'm really happy to own one of these unique Bitcoin community...


Bitcoin is a stateless, open source, decentralized, permissionless, uncensorable, and unconfiscatable internet currency. What do all these fancy words mean? Learn more from this...

Season 6

Jarret Dyrbye is the developer of Lightning-based digital art marketplace SparkShot & MoneySocket protocol.


Privacy advocate Max Hillebrand talks about online privacy, Wasabi Wallet, the upcoming Wabisabi & his fight against Big Brother.


Stadicus is a god of Bitcoin full nodes. In this episode he talks about RaspiBolt. sovereignty, & his work at ShiftCrypto.


Justin Wales is a Bitcoin lawyer at Carlton Fields and you'll probably never meet a cooler attorney. In this episode we talk about free...


The Shamir backup combines the simplicity of a BIP 39 seed phrase with some advantages of multisig setups. Here's how and why you should...


How can the 6 year-old Trezor hardware wallet still be the standard in Bitcoin security? The secret is in open source software innovation &...


On August 20th 2020, the Turkish Football Federation has unveiled a new official sponsor: BTCTurk. This is incredible news for Bitcoin.


Mexican bitcoiner Luis Ploennig (Plucoinz) explains why Latin America needs Bitcoin & how Satoshi's currency has been around for longer than many South American...

Season 1

The first season of the Bitcoin Takeover Podcast will soon get published so you can partake in this inevitable world domination. Stay tuned!

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