S11 E2: Karliatto and Chill on Bleskomat, An Open Source Bitcoin ATM

Bleskomat is the kind of project that gives me confidence in the future of Bitcoin and also reminds me why I enjoy interviewing community members who build stuff. As an ATM, it gets rid of all patents and licensing by fully embracing an open source license. As a fiat to BTC converter, it provides excellent education to newbies who can easily turn their physical central bank coins into honest digital money on the Lightning network. And as a Bitcoin project, it’s pure and uncompromising.

Created by software developers Carlos Garcia Ortiz (Karliatto) and Charles Hill (Chill), the Bleskomat is a technical marvel which functions completely offline and interacts with Bitcoin’s Lightning network while only being connected to a power supply. When users scan QR codes, the data gets broadcast two ways: it tells the user’s wallet what to do while also interacting with the Bleskomat servers to establish important details about the fiat to BTC conversion rate, the remaining balance, and the finality of transactions. But outside of the dirty fiat, the Bleskomat doesn’t store any hard money – the bitcoins themselves exist on the Bleskomat server and can’t be extracted from the physical ATM.

Interestingly, the Bleskomat can be trained to work with any type of physical central bank coins. It’s only a matter of scanning every denomination in order to instruct the software about the kind of money it can accept and how much it’s worth. After this initial setup, the Bleskomat works seamlessly and serves the purpose of onboarding newbies to Bitcoin in a memorable and skewmorphic way which they can easily understand.

Another fascinating detail is that the Bleskomat was created in the heart of Europe, at Paralelni Polis Prague. According to co-founder Karliatto and Czech developer Mario Havel, it’s been a really fun and practical project which seeks to solve a real issue with bitcoin adoption by providing a DIY non-KYC way to onboard anyone via Lightning.

In this interview with Karliatto and Chill, we talk about technical details ranging from the nature of the wallet connection to the choice to use the low-powered ESP32 chip. Though the conversation might seem a little bit on the technical side, there’s also a lot of information about how you can build your own Bleskomat or else purchase it from the official store.

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