S11 E4: Adam on the Bitcoin Bar in Budapest

If you ever visit the city center of Budapest and walk by the Synagogue, you’ll inevitably walk by Adam’s Bitcoin Bar – a shrine of sound money culture where you can exchange some of your scarce digital liquidity for an intoxicating liquid that will help you drown every ounce of sorrow (or else celebrate a joyful moment of your life). This Bitcoin Bar is located on Károly körút 3/c and features most of the elements that you’d expect to find in such a place: an ATM which allows you to exchange fiat for BTC, screens that show the momentary price action, art which depicts digital currency in its skewmorphic digital state, as well as drinks that you can purchase with bitcoin.

Adam, the co-owner of the bar, is walking in the steps of Jörg Platzer by enabling bitcoin enthusiasts to enjoy a cold one that they’ll most likely regret a decade later. He even HODLs every BTC unit sent to the venue’s wallet, as paying for drinks with bitcoin will make Adam reach for his fiat pocket to cover the bill. Such is the nature of the regulations in Hungary, and the co-owner of Bitcoin Bar takes advantage of it in order to get his stack as close as possible to the 21 million supply cap.

However, not every detail has been figured out: as you’re about to find out from this interview with Adam, there are still uncertainties regarding the Lightning Network‘s regulatory status which keep the use of the second layer on the bar’s bucket list, while the menu still won’t let you buy the Satoshi Nakamoto cocktail or the Laszlo Hanyecz pizza (the names are generic, like in every bar).

On the other hand, Adam is open to having Bitcoin-related events and meet-ups at his venue. He enjoys talking about the knowledge he’s acquired down the rabbit hole and hopes that many more locals and travellers will become part of the experience.

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