S12 E16: Talkin’ Bob Dylan Blues with Mike Jarmuz

It was in another lifetime, and one worthy of note. When Bitcoin was a virtue, Satoshi was the GOAT. He came in through the internet, a creature shilling corn. Come in, I said, we’ll talk Bob Dylan ’till the morn.

When I edited this interview with Lightning Ventures and simpatico venture capitalist Mike Jarmuz, there was no blood on the tracks. A middle-ground between jokerman and the Jack of Hearts, Mike turned out to be a vivacious void of scorn fiat infidel who’s talkin’ bear market picnic massacre blues.

Mike is the kind of guy who gets pitched all the time. They’ll pitch him when he’s at the breakfast table, they’ll pitch him because he is young and able, they’ll pitch him when they’re trying to make a buck, they’ll pitch him and then he says “good luck”. But he never feels so all alone, ’cause every VC must get pitched.

In case you didn’t notice, both Mike Jarmuz and I are huge Bob Dylan fans… to the point where “Bob Dylan nerds” would be a more fitting description. If not for Mike, season 12 of the Bitcoin Takeover podcast would have been a lot more dull. But he made it so precise and so clear that he holds Bob Dylan dear. So we completely forgot about our mutual interest in Bitcoin to talk about the greatest songwriter and poet of our time.

Here comes the story of S12 E16, the episode that keeps bitcoiners glued to the screen. For something that Bob Dylan’s done, during his lifetime when he won every single award to become the champion of the world.

If you’re a fan of Bob Dylan’s music, then you will absolutely love this conversation I’ve had with Mike Jarmuz. But if you think that Bob Dylan is just a rugged bard whose voice is shot and whose guitar playing is mediocre at best, then time will tell just who has failed and who’s been left behind.

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